1. Reduced turnover hassle: ● Hiring Costs

The uniforms, the training pack’s and the hours spent hiring, you likely already know that improving your gym’s staff retention is going to save you at least $275- $695 per advertisement on Seek! Sometimes you might have the right person walk through the door and hire a new gym employee, but their retention rate may not be as predictable. Finding and retaining the best employee’s at your gym is a business decision to save money and continue to invest in those who retain your customers for you.

Here are two ways to increase your profit with gym employee retention:

1. Training

By the time that you’ve given a new employee their orientation day, welcome them to the team and get them inspired about their new role at hand, you’ll want to maintain the same attitude and positive feedback that you installed right from the beginning. One of the best ways to improve your gym staff retention rate is to offer free training, After all, it’s the most positive feedback to hear employee’s feel as if they are getting paid to learn. If you provide them with the opportunity to learn with another team member, online or through a third-party service such as a Ted Talks; it’s a leading way to improve gym staff retention. Part of the reason why franchises are often a popular option for new gym owners is that they offer these resources as a part of their package.

2. Company Culture

At F45 they claim to have ‘CULTURE THAT CRUSHES IT’ and endorse this gym ethic at every opportunity. Their company culture includes games and competitions at the head office every Friday, just for fun.

You can read our blog post about improving company culture here:

To have a culture that crushes it, would surely improve the retention of staff at any gym. By continuously working to increase the prosperity of relationships that your gym staff team have with each other and their customer base, you’ll find how to improve staff retention for your gym.

2. Improved Morale

The higher your gym staff turnover rate, the longer it takes for your gym to make progress. It can take 1-2 years to replace employees who leave; this makes retention a top priority, and here are a few ways to achieve it:

Give people the opportunity to build lasting friendships with both co-workers and customers.
Celebrate big or small wins.
Educate your team about the company’s long-term goals and their role within the gym.
Provide opportunities for success and promotion.
These are the first few steps to improving your team’s morale and gym staff retention. 3. Reduced training time:
The higher the calibre of your gym staff, the less that you will have to train new employees- Who will be quick to pick up on the pace of the most experienced people. Aside from having team members that are sociable and perform highly, you’ll be able to save on costs of training new ones, to increase your gym staff retention.

4. Dedicated company experts:

Company experts are company advocates and will improve the reputation of your gym while providing a better customer experience. With a wealth of experience within your gym, it will be able to prosper to new heights. Preventing problems, handling any risks, saving time and preventing any customer loss are all benefits of improving your gym employee retention.

5. Reduced Costs:

Everyone involved in hiring and training knows the costs involved in resumes, interviews, onboarding and training are high. Without a great gym employee retention plan, you could be hiring and firing often, which may induce costly packages, a loss in productivity and an increase in the amount of employee errors.

Your ability to invest in employee gym retention doesn’t have to be costly to start-out with.

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