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Strategies to Increase Sales by $100k each year and the Business Systems to start taking Fridays off!




Meet with Steve 1on1 to get really clear on the specific tasks required to grow your fitness business FAST in the next 90 days.



Check-in weekly with Steve for support and accountability to ensure we GET SHIT DONE, even when you’re busy.



A huge database of proven Marketing templates, Sales scripts and Staff development systems that Steve uses in his million-dollar gym.



Monthly live webinar training exclusive to members, to share the latest ‘and most effective’ business growth techniques from around the world.



Monthly LIVE interviews with the most successful gym owners from around the world, to short-cut your gym growth.

With Steve’s guidance and support I doubled my revenue, recruited quality staff and automated a lot of work – giving myself time again.

Georgie Hallett

Club Manager, Virgin Active

increase profit
while working less.

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Since the year 2000, competition in the fitness industry has gone up 500%!

It’s no wonder many of us are working 60+ hours a week just to stay Competitive. When I speak at Filex each year, gym owners share the same points with me each time:

  • “It’s hard to find and keep reliable staff”
  • “The cost of leads has doubled on Facebook”
  • “Expenses for rent, wages and insurance continue to go up, yet gyms around us continue to drop their fees.”

I’ve been there…

For 18 months at my first gym in NSW, I worked 80 hours per week trying to fend off over 45 competitors in a 5km radius… Talk about competition, IT WAS NUTS!!

…whilst I hated missing quality time with my wife and kids, I stubbornly tried to out-work the problem and almost burnt out trying. I would get up at 4am each day, work like a maniac, crumble into a heap every Sunday and then start again …week after week. It was fine for a while, at the start… but deep down I knew I could never sustain it long term, nor did I want to. 

This wasn’t why I went into business!

I hardly had time to train myself and I wouldn’t take holidays, for fear …. all my hard work would easily be undone

But here’s the GOOD NEWS – After much travel, dozens of courses and coaches I eventually created a BETTER way to run a fitness studio that allows you to HELP MORE PEOPLE, make a shit load MORE PROFIT, but also still have time off so you can enjoy the journey along the way

Sounds better right?

When I sold my first gym for a good profit in 2015 I started a new company called GYMHUB and since then have had the privilege of ‘Mentoring 100’s of fitness brands from around world, sharing them my proven SYSTEM for fast gym growth that also allows gym owners to work less and reclaim work life balance.

Leading by example -I also started a new Sydney gym in 2017 called Rushcutters Health, which we grew to over $1 million in annual turnover (in less than 18 months) with the Marketing, Sales and Staffing systems that allow me to only work in it 1 day per week.

Why Gym Hub?

Hi,  I’m Steve Grant.

I played Rugby League for the Cronulla Sharks, I’ve been in the fitness industry for 23 years, lectured University students for 3 years and presented at the biggest Fitness Convention around the world. During that time, I’ve built 2 x million-dollar fitness studios and travelled all over the Globe studying gyms, so I know what works and what doesn’t.

I now want to help grow your gym, by offering you a FREE 90 day Gym Growth Plan session 1 on 1 with me

…where we pull apart your business, identify the 3 biggest barriers stopping you from achieving your goals and then map out an Action Plan for next 90 days!


Now I’m sure you may be thinking… “I’ve seen this before,” and “it won’t relate to my gym,” “it won’t target the fitness industry”.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

I do agree, a large portion of the so called ‘gurus’ out there today preach business advice but have never owned a gym.

But that’s not me. I’m a gym owner like you. Working in the industry and with a long track record for mentoring the best performing gyms in the country. To be honest, my program is application only and you may not qualify to be part of it.

But we will figure that out on a free call. I don’t want you signing up to mentoring, using your valuable time and money just to discover it’s not for you.

Our ZOOM conversation is not when I try to dazzle you with some vague concept to wow you. Instead I’ll send you a few case studies on how we can help to watch prior to the session and a simple ‘fact finding questions’ to tell me more about your current situation and your business goals.

Then during our chat, we can discuss ways to create fast growth for your gym and see IF you qualify for mentoring. IF you don’t – you still get the road map and strategies needed for fast growth, to implement by yourself. Pretty cool huh?



increase profit
while working less.

Book your 90day GYM GROWTH plan with Steve