I find the wealth of knowledge by Steve and the other speakers that we have in our group coaching calls most useful. Listening to how others run their businesses allows me to pick up on NEW business strategies that I may not have used and then apply them to my own. The VIDEO interviewing process is the most effective thing I have seen, its nothing short of brilliant!.

Jesse Robbins

Fighting Fit Parkenham VIC

It’s invaluable for us as PT studio owners to have the accountability of Steve regularly as well as being a part of the greater Gym Hub group. Fortnightly 1 on 1 meetings mean we are continually doing what we know we should be doing (but sometimes lose track of when life gets in the way): marketing, recruiting, mentoring and quarterly planning, Facebook group, seminars, webinars and more. A massive bonus that we didn’t expect was access to the Gym Hub virtual assistant. We are entirely happy we came on board with Gym Hub and our bottom line is happy too. smile

Nick Kirk

Team Elwood VIC

Really loving being apart of this program.. I’m a very inquisitive person and always look to make things better and be better myself, so I love all the feedback and help you guys all give me when I ask tonnes of questions so a big Thank you to Steve Grant for Gym Hub and giving us a platform to mix and mingle with other owner/operators!laughing

Chantelle Yeaman


What a fantastic year it has been! A massive thank you to Steve and Gym Hub for giving my business the kick it needed to get back on track. Through Gym Hub’s guidance, our team alignments became more productive and efficient, our team and studio culture improved our of site and our business grew 70% on weekly income by the close of November 2017. Highly recommended!

Simon McDonald

Vision PT Five Dock, NSW

What we really love about the Gym Hub Mentoring Program is the accountability. We can set ourselves targets and goals but no one will hold us accountable to it, but being in Gym Hub and being taken out of our environment every quarter to sit down, reflect, and refocus has really helped our business move forward in a positive direction. Having Steve to look at our business from an outside perspective has really helped us because, as owners, we really got stuck and caught up in what was happening just inside. He helped us become more proactive instead of just reactive.

As a result, we’ve grown our business 54% in the last 6 months, we now have staffing under control, and we were finally able to take time off and went on a Greek holiday! Thanks Steve!

Vicky Van de Luecht and Mitchell Phillipps

Real Fitness Training, NSW, Winners of National Fitness Business of the Year for 2019

Working with Steve was a great experience and certainly time well spent. He is a great mentor to work with, always being able to give good advise that helped us to grow our personal training business. He looked at our business and saw exactly where it needed fixing and helped us to improve in all areas.

He has helped us to become better Managers of our staff and business, including teaching us how to improve our sales process, understanding how to track results, managing our time and resources, and delegating tasks. We are especially grateful for his massive help with our recruitment system, enabling us to employ amazing good quality long term staff.

We would definitely recommend Steve and his team to anyone in the fitness industry. Thanks Steve, for all your help!

David and Caroline Kearns

Design Your Physique, WA

Kris Preston made $10k in sales in the first 3 weeks working with Steve and said, “This is the least stressed I have ever felt in business.”

Kris Preston

Functional Fitness Plus, VIC

We added 309 new members in just 12 weeks on the Gym Hub Program.

Mark Patience

Animal Kingdom Gym, NSW

Jason applied Gym Hub recommended strategies and successfully increased his personal training  prices  by  20%  and  grew  his  monthly turnover by $9,000 in less than 8 weeks.

Jason Robolakis

Evolve Health and Fitness

After joining the Gym Hub 12-month Platinum Program, Chris Jessop added an extra $10k to his fortnightly billing in his 2 Personal Training studios, and rebuilt his team culture.

Chris Jessop

Vision Personal Training Lindfield & Lanecove

With changes to her sales process and team sales training using the Gym Hub Program, Tina was able to increase her 12-month Program sales by over 300% in just 12 weeks

Tina Markos

Crunch Female Fitness Centre

Steve has quickly become an imperative part of our business planning. His knowledge, support, ideas, experience is 2nd to none. Particularly in relation to marketing implementation and strategies. Steve offers an amazing Virtual assistant for graphic design and social media which we use every month to leverage our time across the 5 gyms.

Tina Castle

Miss Temple Fitness

I save time using the marketing and recruitment templates and I save money using the group buying discount, so joining Gym Hub was a easy decision. I also think the latest digital marketing techniques and getting different perspectives from other gym owners is really valuable.

Ben Lucas

Director, Flow Athletic

I have been meeting with Steve regularly for years sharing marketing ideas and resources. I joined the group for accountability, to stay on top of current trends and to create a real point of difference amongst my competition.

Jason Conroy

No.1 Ranked Vision Personal Studio for seven years in a row

Steve and his Gym Hub format has helped me, as a studio owner, to really sharpen the edges on a number of my main business pillars like recruitment and marketing, and not just plan, but really implement strategies with immediate effect.

Thanks Steve!

John Carpenter

Owner, Vision Rose Bay + Vision Mona Vale

The Gym Hub Program is something this industry has always lacked. Gym owners ONLY and application ONLY,  means that you network and share ideas with a very high calibre group & it pushes you to think bigger & achieve more.  Steve’s own business success combined with his lecturing background make gym hub the best.

Mark Capelin

Tribe Social Fitness

After 1 year in business, a number of courses, business coaches etc; I thought I knew and had done everything I could. Steve opened my eyes to ‘dropping the ego’, becoming more simplified and showed me the importance of creating a strong foundation in my business. With Steve’s guidance and support I doubled my revenue, recruited quality staff and automated a lot of work – giving myself time again.

Georgie Hallett

Club Manager, Virgin Active

This winter my business tripled in size. I have a complete new outlook on sales and marketing and couldn’t recommend Gym Hub enough to anyone inspired to open a gym or grow a BIG fitness business. Gym Hub has a great track record with mentees, but it’s Steve’s generous and caring attitude I appreciate the most. The online Swipe Files, the Virtual Assistants + the quarterly Workshops with other gym owners, allows me to constantly smash previous barriers and financial goals.

Matt Grant

Director, MG Fitness

We generated 173 new leads in 1 month using Gym Hub’s format for ‘The Biggest Ever Refer a Friend Competition’ 

Aly Dal Santo

Co-Owner, Miss Temple Fitness

I’ve had a 200% increase in our small group training, a 50% increase in PT revenue and a 40% improvement in retention in less than 6months.

Mark Haylock

Owner, Peak24 Fitness, South Australia

Finally a good mentoring program SPECIFIC to growing your gym

Rachel Smith

Owner, BodySmith Fitness

Before working with Steve my business was doing ok, but I needed to build a good base in order to assist Dynamic Lifestyle in going forward. Steve is worth every cent as last week I made my biggest profit in 15 years of business. If your business is struggling or maybe you just can’t find a way forward then Steve is the guy that will help your business gain success. Steve is also good at reading people and knows how to push your personality when it comes to increasing revenue for your business.

Manny Elturk

Owner, Dynamic Lifestyle

Steve is just so humble and has such a wealth of knowledge on recruitment, staff development and building a strong team culture around your own values and beliefs.

Sylvia Lokollo

Core Strength Fitness Centre

Steve’s ability to cut through the bullshit and identify areas of business that can improve is remarkable! If you’re looking for someone who can give you game changing advice in a completely simple and relaxed fashion, you’re in the right place.

Chris Ward

Urban Real Food, NSW

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