The moment your eyelids slowly open and you wake up to the realization that today is a brand new day; you are met with an instant craving to have your eyes sealed-shut, returning to their initial state. Gym owners, much like yourself, pay a hefty price for having a jam-packed schedule, which more often than not, begins at 4 A.M daily. Taking the mere action of hitting the snooze button becomes an absolute luxury. But just as the inspirational David Goggins preaches: “Don’t hit the snooze button. Don’t wake up already failing.” Now is not the time to give up, abandon your dreams and throw in the white towel!

In order for gym owners to get their life back on track, they must take a conscious decision to consult a business coach who has been through the trenches and is an industry expert. If you have a deep desire to genuinely improve the structure and the vision of your business, then you are left with no choice, but to consider external guidance. Once you delve into a business coach’s mind and comprehend the rationale behind certain strategies, systems and techniques, you will be astonished as to how much you’ve been missing out on.

A. Why do gym owners need to work with a business coach:

1. Controlling pre-launch jitters: Opening a new business with no prior experience is a challenging endeavor. Imagine how stressful you will be, knowing that you’ve invested a lot of time and money into it. A business coach can create a solid foundation for you to get going and flourish.

2. Guidance: The business coach has been there and done that, which will certainly give you more confidence going forward that you are doing the right things to meet your objectives and that all the resources that you’ve put on the table will not go down the drain.

3. Accountability: Having to report back to your business coach will keep you on your toes and avoid slacking off. Business coaches serve as third party members that take note of what you are doing and make sure that you are operating in peak performance as much as possible.

B. What are the benefits of having a business coach?

1. Business mentoring: A business coach can teach you how to:

· Grow and scale your business in a short time-frame through proven business growth techniques.

· Automate lead flow.

· Save up time and money through industry hacks.

2. Staff development and recruitment:

Forming a high performance team is easier said than done. The process starts with scouting the right person for the job, followed by recruiting this individual and making sure that there is an alignment between the gym owner’s values and that of the subordinate’s. Also, creating the right working environment for your team is essential. The last piece of the puzzle is rigorously developing your staff and keeping them from going to your competitors.

3. Education and training: Gym owners cannot rely on preconceived notions. The fitness industry is extremely competitive and is moving fast. In fact, the business world is moving fast. Therefore, gym owners need to know the latest selling and marketing techniques that will ensure that their business goals are met.

C. What are gym owners losing in the absence of a business coach?

In the absence of a business coach, the thing you will be losing the most is valuable opportunity. If you want to grow far beyond what you’ve ever thought you can achieve, or even simply if you want to sustain what you’ve been doing without the fear of running out of business, you will need to consult a business coach.

D. What can gym owners expect from working with a business coach?

1. Personalized support: An experienced business coach will help you identify challenges, solutions and strategies that are catered to your personal needs and goals.

2. Tangible and measurable results: Gym owners receive assistance in improving their company performance, business skills, as well as the number of clients they have.

3. Expanded network: A business coach teaches you how to have a solid network of like-minded business owners and service providers.


Steve Grant is the creator and director of GymHub, who has devoted over 22 years of his life to the fitness industry. What makes Steve so resourceful and differentiates him from most of the business coaches out there is that he used to be a successful fitness studio owner himself (Average turnover of 1 million dollars). If you want to know the strategies to increase sales by $100K each year and the business systems to start taking Fridays off, make sure to contact us HERE.