I had a question from Sarah in the free Facebook group this week asking why I was criticizing those 30-day pay trials that a lot of gyms use.

There’s a couple of reasons here.

I think the 30-day pay trial suits the agency,  but I don’t think it actually suits a gym owner.

I think the people creating them were doing them pre-COVID.  They’ve never run a gym themselves, so they don’t understand the problems.


Number one is you attract tire kickers. There’s lots of people that aren’t interested in membership. They’re just doing a month trial.

Number two is you wear out your staff.  You’re filling all your classes with the wrong type of clientele,  which is exhausting.

Number three,  it’s the wrong type of onboarding because you not only have to sell them up front to do a paid one-month trial,  but you’ve got to then resell them again after a month,  which is double handling.

In my opinion,  you’re better off doing a paid shorter trial and then actually just go straight into a membership,  but you can do that in the first week rather than doing it in a month.