It’s something I constantly study, something I am fascinated by.

Did anyone watch the 2016 Australian open Mens Tennis final?

Novak Djokovic beat a very courageous Andy Murray in straight sets.

The difference was visible – While Andy Murray beat himself up and got tense after losing a point, the world’s no. 1 was a dramatic contrast, showing complete composure, sticking to HIS game plan, attacking his opponent’s weaknesses and coming out on top.

It was incredible to watch. They both trained their butts off to be there, they both wanted to WIN equally as much and they are both champions – But there’s a small difference between the two players – One of the key things I think that separates the best in both tennis and business owners is “Mental Toughness”.

I admire the best tennis players like Federer and Djokovic and how well they maintain mental focus and control through grueling tournaments.

If I relate the Australian open to Business Coaching for business owners, there are 2 obvious similarities:

  • Both has a tonne of capable and very talented competitors trying to be number 1.
  • Both have rewards that hugely favour the best. e.g. The winner got paid $3.4 million, while the first round exits got just $38k – not to mention sponsorship deals.

Djokovic knows how to play tennis – but he employs former world no. 1 Borris Becker as his coach for mental toughness and guidance/experience when they get to the BIG matches.

Becker is quoted as saying  – ‘He’s a tough cookie, I’d call him a street fighter. When the going gets tough, he gets better, when he bleeds a little bit he goes forward,’  The beginning of the third set, that was the moment when both had break points,’ ‘That’s when matches are decided and Novak feels it, he smells it, understands it, when you have to go all in. It can’t always work but at least you have no regrets afterwards. That’s when he takes the match. ”

So when it comes to excelling in business – whether its setting up partnerships, selling programs, or keeping your cool when staff leave – sometimes ‘knowing‘ what to do isn’t enough – but its ‘how’ you do it, that separates winners from losers

Take my 5 step Mental Toughness Audit below

  1. What do you read?
  2. What’s your daily rituals?
  3. Who do you have in your corner like Boris Becker?
  4. How will you perform next time the pressure turns up?
  5. How can you make sure you get better every single time you get on the big stage?