Today I wanted to take the opportunity to answer a few questions that have come through in our private Facebook group.

If you haven’t joined us already we have a free private Facebook group for gym owners which is called the Gym Owners Network. There are 1500 people in there that all own gyms around the world and our goal is to make it free so we can share resources, training tips, all those types of things.¬†

The question that I had this week, what is the best marketing tip you could offer a gym owner?



So one tip is difficult, but I I’d like to start by saying stop endless offers and discounts. Not only is it exhausting and tiring coming up with a monthly offer and campaign but we also are telling the market that every single month we’re going to Discount.

We’re going to come up with some type of promo so it almost feels like a shopper docket or those little sales that you see on the back of a supermarket sort of discount. Where every month you think, well if I don’t use this one, I can always take the next one. So, the more discounts you do, the less your prospects and the general public will actually look at you as a premium brand.

So definitely stop the endless offers and the discounts. Instead, design maybe two to three irresistible offers that you can use throughout the year.

Instead of having to come up with new signage, new images, new videos, new emails, and new SMS and things for a campaign every single 30 days. instead, you can come up with that sort of collateral and creatives and let it run for eight weeks or 12 weeks provided it’s a really strong campaign.

You want to market aggressively across a number of different channels including things like signage and 

Facebook but definitely don’t underestimate the power and the ROI or return on investment for marketing things like email and SMS.