Content creation is a topic that can be valuable not only to gym owners, but also to other entrepreneurs.  There are many different ways to get your content out there.  You can choose from a variety of options such as newsletters, social media campaigns, or blog posts.

Even if you are regularly getting content out there, how do you know that what you’re sharing has a direct impact on the success of your fitness business?  Does your content help you at all in meeting your business goals?

Small businesses usually focus on sales and scaling their business and cannot afford to invest on PR and business campaigns.  Content creation, therefore, that is focused on generating leads would provide the most impact and would be perfect for the marketing that you need.

The success of any lead generating content can be easily measured and you can gauge its impact on your marketing efforts.  What’s great about this is that it can help you build up a steady flow of business and many fitness business owners can agree on how effective this tool can be to grow your business.

With this in mind, I would like to share 3 tips on how to create awesome content that will help generate leads to keep your fitness business growing.


1. Create and share content that is valuable to your target audience

Sharing your insights and relevant information is a proven way to generate leads.  Invest in building and distributing content of high-quality, posting informative content will demonstrate that you are an expert in what you do by showcasing your knowledge and skill set.

It is natural for people to turn to a subject matter expert when they want to learn about a specific topic.  And when talking about product or service recommendations, they will opt to listen to an expert than to an average Joe giving his opinion.  Needless to say, people choose to do business with experts in the field.

So how do you develop content that is informative, high-quality, and one that drives leads?  Here are a few things to remember.

  • Audience – First, to develop a targeted content, you must have a specific audience in mind. Define your audience and develop a buyer persona, defining their demographics and buyer personalities.  This will give you an insight on who you are writing for and help you identify which topics will be relevant.
  • SEO – Once you have defined your target audience, it will be easy for you to figure out the keywords that will help you optimize your content.
  • Content format – Don’t stick to creating blogs, you can create white paper, infographics, eBooks, and even videos.


2. Have a clear content strategy in place for all channels

Recent studies show that consumers are now turned off by traditional advertising forms and traditional marketing strategies are getting less effective as the years drag on.  This is how having valuable content for your fitness business plays an important role in helping you generate leads.

Content is king of the digital marketing realm and it’s all about attracting and engaging your gym’s target audience.  How?  By developing and getting out information that is not only relevant, but more importantly, valuable to them.

To achieve this, you have to map out a content strategy that allows followers to expect a consistent rhythm in the delivery and also that content is covering the same key points consistently.

Having a content strategy will prevent you from posting irrelevant content or feeling stressed in producing last minute posts.

Having your marketing channels disjointed makes your audience confused and less targeted.  So remember to always align your content to your business goals and don’t forget to be consistent.  Remember to define your audience, create a targeted keyword list, and test what content format works best for the audience you have defined.


3. Implement Call-T0-Actions that are clear in all your content

To ensure that your content will generate leads, make sure that it is action oriented and that you tell your readers what to do next

The content that you created and shared is a very persuasive and effective way to set up your CTA.  Having valuable content primes up your audience to your fitness business message and goals, so would be very easy to show them offer that they can refuse.

When creating a CTA, make sure that it is easy to find.  Don’t make your audience dig for the next step.  It will also be effective to create a sense of urgency and remind your audience to take action immediately.  Also, a CTA that is benefit oriented will be more inviting than the basic “click here” button.  Lastly, limit it to one CTA, the more options you give your audience, the more confused and indecisive they will become.  Having strong CTAs are very essential to the lead generation process.