Have your attempts to make a Facebook campaign ever been disapproved? As a gym owner, you might be facing a high disapproval rate when you advertise on Facebook for the following reasons:

1) False Body Image: You could be using a text and an image that could be glorifying acquiring an unattainable physique. The algorithm of Facebook detects words and images that promote unrealistic beauty measurements.

Solution: Use real images without the use of Photoshop, or beauty enhancers to portray the benefits of doing sports. When it comes to texts, be sincere and realistic.

2) Promising Quick Results: Promising shortcuts is a red flag for Facebook. For example, weight loss ads should be worded carefully. Facebook’s ad policies target the words quick and fast. Therefore, your ad will be flagged down.

Solution: The target audience for weight loss ads should be eighteen plus. The advertised practises should also be safe.

3) Body Shaming: Making fun of obesity, or undernourishment is a no-no for Facebook. Some ads directed towards men and women tend to joke about their belly-fat and not having an hourglass frame. This guilt-tripping technique is used to make people feel ashamed about their bodies.

Solution: Promote health benefits instead of using guilt-tripping strategies.

4) Having Too Much Text in Your Ad Images: Previously, Facebook denied ads that had over 20% covered in texts. However, your ad will be disapproved if it has too much text, but the reach will be lower with low-to-medium text-use.

Solution: Avoid using texts in the pictures. Show your persuasion abilities in the caption instead. You definitely don’t want to be losing money with a lower reach.

5) Link to landing page content: Your landing page could include unfavourable content according to Facebook’s ad policies. Your website might have the following issues: Having a subscription based model, misusing Facebook’s brand, supplementing for sale, or having sensational content. Facebook rejects the ad, which could prohibit you from using the same landing page again.

Solution: Read and understand Facebook’s ad policy and make sure that your website matches their guidelines.

6) Poor Grammar and Punctuation: The title is self-explanatory. Facebook will disapprove your ad if the level of grammar and punctuation is subpar. Facebook believes a subpar level could be misleading your target audience.

Solution: Higher a professional copywriter.

7) Misleading Content: Gyms are known to post before and after photos. Facebook finds these photos misleading because results are atypical. Before and after photos mislead the audience into believing that they will achieve the same results.

Solution: Never use before and after photos. Your ad will surely get disapproved. Instead, use a similar type of content such as promoting before and after results in a storytelling approach in a blog. Then, you can market the blog and get your message across to your target audience. It is very important to mention a disclaimer within the blog that states that results and gains are atypical.

Conclusion: Facebook has plenty of reasons to reject paid ads. Nonetheless, these are the most common reasons that Gym Owners face.