Using technology to promote and market a Gym is a very common way to find new prospects, BUT it also a powerful tool to engage existing members, add value to their membership, and encourage them to stay with you for longer.

According to new studies, the average person checks their phone over 70x per day, so it’s only logical to reach out to our members on this platform. Whether we are telling them about a promotion, giving education, offering additional support or announcing studio updates – we can be sure that our members want to hear from us!

Social Media

Almost everything we do nowadays can be found on social media, making it a powerful tool for engagement. As a gym owner, you want to use Socials platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in to make sure your members stay motivated to exercise and to create a fun and supporting network of people that makes your members feel safe so they’re less likely to leave. Also, make sure you’re promoting WHAT’S NEXT online to give your members something to look forward to. PRO TIP: Analyse members online data to give the RIGHT content at the right TIME each day.


Wearable technology like smart watches, fit bits, and fitness apps are a great way to engage your members and allows them a tangible way to track their progress. As a fitness professional, members look to US for direction on training, food, recovery, supplements and heaps of cool stuff, so you must brush up on new and upcoming fitness technology. Educate your members on how to properly use these trackers, and use the data you get to formulate exercise plans or fitness strategies so they stay with you longer. Sending out reminders, notifications, or training tips is a perfect way to keep things interesting.

In summary, the use of technology is the best way to now provide a seamless fitness experience that will motivate and drive them to achieve better results and use your service longer.