Does scrolling through images of InstaTrainers showing gleaming muscles and lots of skin make you want to contact that person and work with them OR is it simply people watching and eye candy?

How many of these posts prompted you to join a gym or credit card out? The answer is NONE of them ..because you just keep scrolling down.

Now, compare that to a post that makes you laugh or nod in agreement.  One that teaches you something, gets you engaged and makes you follow, share, and act on it.

Those posts are GOLD!  Those are the posts that you should be posting yourself!

Follow this 8-step guide for gyms promoting their fitness business on Instagram:

  1. Be authentic

If you are real, your audience will relate to you.  Less flash and more heart and substance WINS the audience.  

  1. Ignore the “inspiration culture”

Online influencers are normalizing extreme and dangerous fitness advice.  Being authentic means that you turn away from in-your-face self-promotion.  Rewards will come from being honest and transparent about the challenges you face and the effort required to make long term change.  Being flashy and phony does not resonate with anybody.

  1. Tell your story

Being personal in Instagram will help your business.  Online trainers let their business pitch cloud their personal profile.  Telling your story about how you got into fitness, share info about injuries, family, travel, sporting background… this is what sets you apart – it will also help you find your niche and help your target audience find you.

  1. Stick with that works

People overcomplicate things when posting on Insta to gain a quick spike in followers.  The key is consistent QUALITY and Instagram algorithm likes this.  It’s ok to recycle content – this is actually SMART.  

  1. The three E’s

Apply these 3E’s.  EDUCATE – teach something valuable.  EMPOWER – your content should make your audience confident.  EXCITE – your posts should convey the thrill of doing something new in their lives and taking on a challenge.

  1. Focus on the right things

Many trainers obsess over likes, follows, and views.  What actually matters is how many of your audience comment, share or save your post because this shows clear interest in what you put out there.

  1. Share from the best

Crediting others will result to them sharing your posts too and this directs their viewers to your page.  Follow accounts that are doing well, take note of what they do and mimic that.

  1. Plan

devote at least 1hour a week to developing good content. This will help you create an archive of quality content that you can use over and over again.

If you are having moving your career forward, if you want to be more responsible, effective, efficient and confident in marketing your fitness business, then BOOK A $100K gameplan session with Steve.  Get ahead and stay ahead – and I can show you how.