Mindset is everything. Growth can be achieved by simply changing your perspective on things. The Morning formula is a very effective training that has helped thousands of fitness business owners double their profit, achieve their goals, and generally just become a better person.

There are days when we get up and just be so pumped up with motivation, but to be honest, there are also some days when you just want to stay in and just do nothing. And in those days, I can attest that the Morning Formula has helped me get back on my feet and refocus so that I remember what I have set out for myself to do.

So today, I want to share the framework of the Morning Formula so that you all can benefit from what has been instrumental in making a better version of myself.

Create your Morning Formula
  • Consistency – This is the only way to achieve whatever result you want. The key to achieving this is not to focus on the results, but rather on the process and the actions that you need to take. You should be able to commit fully to the process. Being consistent guarantees that you will achieve positive results.
  • Shaping your expectations – All fitness business owners want only the best results. However, this is not always a good thing. You should manage your expectations and set realistic goals for yourself and your business. When faced with difficulties in your business, it is best to manage them in the right order. You cannot be opening a second gym, if you haven’t figured out how to fill your first one, right?
  • Have focus and be clear on your vision – Being clear on what you want to happen is just as important as how great your marketing campaigns are.
The Morning Formula Training

1. Read your morning formula every day to condition your mindset and to keep your eyes on the prize.

2. Make a commitment to surround yourself with positive people. This may be difficult, but it is certainly life-changing. The less time you spend on critical and toxic people, the better.

3. Create an environment for WINNING. Not only should you surround yourself with positive people, your physical environment also has an effect on your mindset. Free your space of clutter and mess.

Why does the Morning Formula work?

This tool is a way to recalibrate your state of mind and help you cope to whatever circumstance comes your way. It does not leave to chance, to your energy, or your mood what your mindset would be for each day you wake up.

Reading your Morning formula helps you realign and refocus even if you work up in such a bad mood. It reframes your vision and reminds you of your overall goal. This will also create a way for you to have consistency in your life and clarity in your direction to achieving your goals.

Creating your Morning Formula

1. Vision Map – make a vision statement of what your successful version will look like. Write down what your ultimate goal would be, what you would look like, what your achievements are.

2. Identity – on this page of your Morning Formula, put in visual triggers of what success looks like to you: places you have visited, what you would look like, where you would ideally live in etc.

3. Rules – list down rules that would define your life. Things that you should follow to achieve success like meditating for an hour, exercising, making a to do list and checking off all the tasks every day.

4. Principles – List down principles or phrases that will help shift your mindset. These could be could be quotes from important people that most resonates with you and inspires you to do better.

5. Theater of the Mind – this is visualizing what you want to be. Close your eyes and think about what your successful version looks like.

6. Goals – make a list of the goals you want to achieve next year. Include your financial targets, what you want to achieve for your business, things you want to buy, etc.

7. Affirmations – list affirmation statements. What I use are: “I am good enough”, “I am free of rejection”, “I will always think and act today.”