The Global Wellness Summit report shows the latest trends in nutrition, wellness travel, wellness real estate, women’s health, men’s wellness, healthcare, technology, and sustainability that have meaningful impacts on the fitness industry.

1.The health of the world’s soil and why this is important – Industrial agriculture destroyed the world’s soil and we are now experiencing a soil crisis. With this, the trend of soil restoring and regenerative agriculture is not only a hot topic in farming, but in wellness as well as wellness brands move towards regen-sourced ingredients.

​2.The negative effects of bulging biceps and rippling abs on the male body image – body image is now an issue that men deal with. According to studies, men suffer struggle with mental health issues because of how they feel about their bodies mainly due to how social media define how a male body should look like. Toxic muscularity is destructive and there is a move towards new male body positivity.

3.Fresh take on digital health – moving from wellness tech to technological wellness

4.Senior Living Disrupted: A wrinkle in time no more!

5.Wellness Travel: Seekers, Welcome: Post-pandemic travelers are ready for adventure and engagement

6.Innovative Tech Closing the Gender Gap in Medical Research: AI, apps, and wearables collect data to address women’s health issues

7.Affordable Urban bathhouses and wellness playgrounds – large-scale wellness water resorts are becoming more accessible in cities around the world.

8.Next-Gen Naturalism: The return of self-reliance

9.Certification for Health and Wellness Coaching – coaches are not trained in the science of motivating healthy changes, a link that has been missing in healthcare and wellness.

10.Wellness welcomes the Metaverse – wellness is now front and centre in the consumer’s mind and the world is seeking new technologies that can far better engage and impact the health of more people.