In the quest for profit and success in the fitness business, do you ever think about your image—the way you project yourself to your team or to your members?  As the owner, it’s easy to  overlook that you are your brand.  YOU represent the gym and its culture.


Many gym owners fall into the trap of following strategies that work for other business owners. But BEWARE: doing this may not always work for you, especially if you are unclear about your financials, or if you are not 100% clear on what your clientele ‘really’ wants in a fitness facility and what they need from its staff.


One of the most important things to consider is how you are with your employees. As gym owners, more often than not, we don’t realise that we implement things that WE think would be effective, without asking for the opinions of those who are actually on the battle lines—your staff.  Your personal trainers and group class instructors know firsthand who your clients are and what they want.  Listening to them will be your best strategy for getting more of your target market in the door.


With that in mind, here are the Top 2 mistakes that fitness pros make when they take leadership roles.

  1. Being a manager that is dominant, overbearing, and passive-aggressive. Your clients and employees will not be able to stand you for long and they will be out the door even before their contracts expire.
  2. Being the passive leader who hires someone without giving direction, any tools or training, and not setting goals or KPI”s. Your inability to provide your employees with the right tools and framework will halve your success rate.


So how do you change this and lead your gym towards success?

  • Set Goals: weekly expectations, targets for group classes, number of member phone calls per week, number of gym tours and face to face consultations, targets around conversion % in sales, and make sure you develop a specific follow-up system.
  • Require people to report. Make it clear that this is part of their job and that you should be kept updated regularly of their progress. Daily, weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Set clear and defined roles for each of your team. Being a great leader means being able to confidently delegate tasks. Doing so allows you to have more time to create new programs and products or services for the gym. Delegate easy tasks and save your energy for more important work and bring in more business.  Doing this will also allow staff to feel more invested themselves in the business and will make them feel that they are important to the growth of the brand.