Transform Your Gym into a Lead Generation Machine

It’s always a challenge for fitness businesses to get new leads and to keep them coming.  So I’ve put together 4 of what I found to be the most effective strategies that you can apply today to help sustain your lead generation and to continuously bring in more clients.

Queue up your Videos

Using videos when posting on social media gets way more engagement then images or texts alone.  In fact, videos get 1200% more shares than using then images or text COMBINED!

Post fun and engaging videos your audience will want to watch more of. Videos allow you to articulate more about your business: Eg. Group Classes, Facebook Live with a trainer, or a quick Q&A session. This type of content encourages your viewers to leave questions in the comments that you can address in real time.

Also, remember that posting native videos are always better than directing your viewers to an external site such as Vimeo or YouTube. Native videos play automatically on the page and your viewers won’t have to click them.

Fire up your Landing Pages

Most gyms run ads and take people directly to their website when they click. Unfortunately, your 10+ website pages only act as a distraction to a potential lead.  Landing pages increase opt-in and conversion when prospects see your offer and ALL the information they came for in one spot— AND nothing else.

Tools such as ClickFunnels and Leadpages will help you convert more leads for your gym even if you don’t have any experience in web design. They allow you to create separate landing pages for each offer that you run, and gives you information on the conversion rate so you split test which one works best.

Create Custom Audiences

Have you ever heard of custom audiences in Facebook? These lists allow you to segregate your audience into groups and send targeted marketing to each of them. Cool huh! These are usually the people who have already showed some interest in your business by either visiting your website or your landing pages. Creating custom audiences for your gym helps get your ad in front of the right people and maximises your ad spend.

Automate, automate, automate

Automation makes lead generation faster and allows you and your team to have more time to accomplish other tasks.

For example, if someone opts in to your landing page, you can send out an automated SMS and email to follow up with them and have them schedule their first free personal training session. Once you have a solid drip campaign in place, your leads will have the impression that they are receiving personal emails.



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Steve Grant is an expert in business coaching for gym owners with 20 years of fitness industry experience including 4 years as a Health and Wellness Lecturer at ACPE and 8 years as the owner of one of Sydney’s most profitable fitness studios.  

 Steve is  the first Fitness Business Mentor to deliver innovative Gym Marketing Ideas from around the world, that add an extra $100k profit to any fitness business. Gym Hub provides a Buyers Group to help gym owners reduce expenses, as well access to proven systems for staff recruitment and development, teaching members to become highly leveraged and work as little as 12 hours per week.