5 Essentials ingredients to a Successful Fitness Website

Attracting good quality visitors who engage with your website boils down to 3 points: Planning, Presentation, and Content. There is no such thing as a perfect formula for your website but following the tips below will point your online strategy in the right direction.

1. Target Audience

  • Identify your goal and target audience.
  • Research and find other examples you like to help you visualize a design.
  • Complete a 1-page customer avatar to Identify your target audience and design the entire site around that ideal customer. If you choose your color scheme, images and text with your target audience in mind, this will help make it a successful lead generator.
  • Identify how you want to express your studio’s purpose and messaging so that it appeals to the target audience through copywriting. Make a list of ‘keywords’ that they might search for on Google, and include them in your headings and messaging.

2. 7 Seconds to Impress

  • Fact: we have a short attention span of only 7 seconds so It’s crucial to capture website visitors’ attention instantly.
  • Within these 7 seconds, you need to make it clear WHO you are, WHAT you do, and who you do it FOR.
  • The best way to do this is to make your homepage crystal clear. Use a short, snappy headline and a video. Don’t be too outside the box or super quirky.
  • Ask an unbiased person to check out your website homepage and give them 7 seconds to determine what your business does. If they fail to do this within the 7 seconds, then need to make changes.

3. Opt in form

  • A call-to-action CTA is an image or text that prompts those who visit your website to take a certain action, it could be to sign up for a newsletter, click to move to another page, or to book a class.
  • Websites that only act like a business card with no CTA will get very few conversions.
  • Fact: 90% of those who visit a website are not ready to purchase when they first go to your page. In order to overcome this, offer them a low barrier, high value gift like a free trial or an eBook. You can then nurture them into becoming a paying customer by using your email funnels and retargeting ads.

4. Mobile Friendly

  • The majority of Australians now use smartphones and browse online more than they use computers or laptops and as technology evolves, your business should too.
  • Optimising your website for mobile use should be one of your priorities. Your website should be able to deliver content no matter what device someone uses

5. Social Proof

  • With so many gyms and fitness studios to choose from, most customers will now visit your website to check your credibility before they email, call or drop in. Telling people how good you are at something feels a bit false and salesy, however when visitors to your site read real testimonies, see real photos and learn about real success stories from people who live in the area they are far more likely to want to work with you.


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Steve Grant is an expert in business coaching for gym owners with 18 years of fitness industry experience including 4 years as a Health and Wellness Lecturer at ACPE and 8 years as the owner of one of Sydney’s most profitable fitness studios.  

 Steve is first Fitness Business Mentor to deliver innovative Gym Marketing Ideas from around the world, that add an extra $100k profit to any fitness business. Gym Hub provides a buyers group to help gym owners reduce expenses, as well access to proven systems for staff recruitment and development, teaching members to become highly leveraged and work as little as 12 hours per week.