When I say ‘stop selling like a dinosaur’, I’m referring to the old school approach of promoting your business. This is the letter box drops, lead boxes, door knocking  – scatter gun approach which tends to take up at lot of time and result in a low conversion and a high frustration.

These days the most effective modern marketing methods you can use to boost your sales potential include targeted facebook campaigns, sequential email advertising, lead pages and re-targeting techniques which will help you re engage the people who have previously visited your website.

Tip no. 1

Create a ‘Sales Funnel’ to deliver a constant flow of quality leads

When I talk about creating sales funnels, I ‘m referring to setting up a series of steps that will allow you to interact with potential new customers. To do this, start with something that is low pressure, low cost and low risk for them.

For example, earlier this year I created a free report that was full of relevant new information for my audience. I promoted the free report with a basic ad on Facebook that was targeted to my niche and because there was a high-perceived value of the report and zero risk for the customer, I had more than 800 people download it.

From there I was able to capture their contact details and follow up with them with information on an event/ workshop that I was running. I was also able to set up a sequential email campaign offering more great content and value to help build trust and build a connection with them.

So in summary, in this example my funnel was:

  1. Facebook advert
  2. Free report download
  3. Commence sequential email series with a weekly tips and quality education
  4. Introduce discounted trials, event Invites and products.