Are you wondering why you are not getting the results you expect from your email campaigns despite the careful planning that you put into your content?

Here are some common blunders that will hurt your email open rate.

Mistake 1 – Sending emails only when you want something

Membership sales are down and immediately you think of sending out an email campaign. Wrong.  Doing so makes your prospect feel that you want to sell them something.  Instead, you have to make them feel that you understand their problem and that you are reaching out because you care and want to provide a solution.  Set a weekly or fortnightly schedule making sure to offer loads of value each time, so that when it is time to promote or sell something, you have already built credibility and trust.

Mistake 2 – Failing to Split Test

Even if you have good content, if your CTA or images turn your prospect off, then you will not engage your prospects.  Always make sure to split test regularly with different email titles, email images and CTA’s, to test what email content is optimal to the reader.  Doing a split test involves running 2 similar campaigns simultaneously.  You then change one thing in the second campaign to see which one does better.

Mistake 3 – Buying subscribers to grow a list

The size of your list is just vanity.  The most important measure is related to how many people from that list convert from prospect to gym members. This is why buying a subscriber list is such a big mistake.  These people don’t actually want to sign up for your gym.  What this will do is to pad your numbers and distort any data making future campaigns less effective.



Mistake 4 – Overdoing the graphics

Going overboard with graphics makes it slower to download and read as you scroll-down. The right type of image will make your email stand out.  Graphics used in email should be small, eye catching and related with your content.

Mistake 5 – Using misleading subject lines

The goal is to have your prospects open the email with a catchy subject line, but using a misleading title or clickbait you can’t deliver on is a big mistake.  It will lead people to unsubscribe. Remember to keep your subject line short and align it with your email content.

Mistake 6 – Too salesy, too soon

Jumping right in for a sales pitch with your ‘new members’ is a huge mistake.  These people just started on their journey with your business and assuming they already see value in other stuff you sell like supplements and Personal Training is a mistake. New members need a learn more about your gym for a few weeks to feel welcome, before hitting them with extra offers.

Mistake 7 – Not making your emails mobile friendly

81% of people between the age 18 to 24 check their emails on their mobile and drops to 73% in the 35+ age bracket.  This means that ‘most people’ use their phones to check emails.  If your email doesn’t display well on mobile, it shows that you are not professional.  Plus, this makes your email hard to read.