Have you ever played the card game “BULLSHIT”?

It’s where you have to tell your opponents what hand YOU have, and THEY can either choose to accept your word for it and play on, OR they can call “BULLSHIT” and you have to show what you actually have.

Well, I call BULLSHIT!

In the last 30 days I have visited over 15 gyms in Sydney and Melbourne and for everyone earning less than $150k PROFIT a year – they all had one thing in common

They don’t know their numbers!

So when I asked “how many new leads did you get in January, February and March?” they say something like, “oh… about 20”

But when we actually looked at the reports – they had 17 in January, 8 in February and 12 in March. Yes, you’re right ….that is terrible lead flow and its almost impossible to own a profitable fitness business getting that many leads.

But more importantly

  • It’s hard to know your ‘lead flow’ is a massive problem and impossible to feel motivated to change, if you are just guessing your numbers and over estimating.
  • It’s impossible to have steady cash flow if your lead flow varies up to 50% between months.
  • It’s impossible to set a new member target for each campaign OR know how much to budget for a Facebook advertisement – if you don’t already know the normal ‘acquisition cost per member’ – eg – does it usually cost $10 to get a new member, $100 or $1000
  • Lastly – It’s impossible to know if any marketing campaign is actually good or bad if you don’t measure the results.

So if you’re a fitness studio owner and want more leadsmore salesmore members and more profit but do not track your number EVERY SINGLE WEEK, I call BULLSHIT!

The good news is

If you do want these things, you can START today!

 To get a list of what number are most important to track each week/month/quarter, simply Email steve@gymhub.com.au with your

  • Full name
  • Gym/studio name
  • with the subject- Please send me the Sales and Marketing Performance Tracker


Now let’s grow your business!