Mobile phone marketing is powerful tool to promote your fitness studio and grow your fitness community.

The Benefits

With sms central and other bulk email marketing software It costs only 8-10 cents per message, has a 100% open rate, takes less then 20minutes to set up a campaign and is perfect for attaching a landing page link to drive traffic to your funnel.


Below are seven of the most effective SMS marketing tactics I use in my Gym, to increase my conversion rates and customer response.

1. Get consent

Only send text messages to people who have given you permission to do so.  Play by the rules and adhere to local laws that protect consumers from unwanted solicitation.  Your contact list can opt-in to get SMS reminders from you for classes updates, special offers, and event updates as well as opt out when the content no longer relevant.


2. Keep your message clear

You have 160 characters to deliver one message.  Make every word count and go straight to the point.  Make your message clear, concise, and written in plain English.  Refrain from using abbreviations and emojis.


3. Use CTAs

Call-to-action will encourage customer engagement.  Some of the effective CTAs that you can use are:

    • Show this text – to redeem a discount or product
    • Click here – for an event or promo that they need to provide information for
    • Text to win – asking customers to reply YES in order to qualify for a promo or contest
    • Text to vote – for mobile polling


I use a lot of low cost and free marketing strategies to help attract leads for client I business mentor 1on1 in Gym Hub E.G Josh and Rachael Pole of Infuse Health



4. Timing is everything

Customers respond to SMS invites.  So, if you are holding an opening event on Saturday night, send a text blast on Saturday afternoon.  Avoid sending messages too early in the morning, send it between 8am to 9pm.


5. Make opt-in available on all marketing materials

In your social media platforms and website, you can add a mobile number field in sign up pages.  During point-of-sale, you can ask your staff to ask clients directly if they would like to opt-in and receive text messages for promotions.


6. Focus on VIP members

Pay attention to your valued members because they are loyal, they give you feedback and they refer clients to your gym.  Identify this group and dedicate extra time and resource to the VIP group.  Send them more in-depth polls and offers that are exclusive to them only.


7. Take note of what works

Text messaging is a measurable and trackable channel.  You can easily gauge which campaign text and links work best.  Comprehensive analytics will empower you and will help you set attainable goals and set a road map for your business.


SMS Marketing is only one of the few strategies that you can use to grow your business.  If you would like to know more about what works, BOOK a 100K Gameplan Session with me below!