When it comes to running a studio, it’s sometimes tough to tell if you’re your staff are living up to their full potential. Which is scary, considering our staff are usually the first points of contact with all customers and the face of your brand.

So you’ve screened them, you’ve hired them, they’re on the floor — how do you develop your gym staff’s A-Team status? Here’s some advice on how to most efficiently train and organise your gym staff to empower them to help reach your gym’s goals.

How to Hire

The best way to hire good people is by sticking to your gym’s core values and finding people who share your vision for the business. Your core values are the qualities that define your studio, the things you stand for, and make you different from everyone else.

  • Decide on 5-7 core values and advertise for staff using them.
  • Look for enthusiastic people who represent your company culture the way you do
  • Review applications and conduct your interviews always with your core values in mind

Know a STAR when you see one

The people who work in your studio will make or break your member experience — be it your personal trainers, group instructors, sales team, reception or club managers. It goes without saying that members who are not made to feel welcome or valued by staff will eventually cancel their memberships.

Create a team of fun, positive and passionate people that are magnetic to be around.

Celebrate their success

Recognise excellent staff performance whenever you can, and grow in-house talent by promoting from within. Remember, recognition doesn’t always mean promotions or money, but instead can be certificates, social media posts or simply acknowledgement in front of their peers. Work milestones and staff successes with members are all reasons to celebrate, so keep the ball rolling by rewarding excellent performance regularly. This will have a positive effect on your facility: when staff feel appreciated and engaged, they will be more productive and passionate about your company. In turn, this positivity is reflected upon your members, and means that your staff are more likely to stay with your facility.

Train them up

After recognising, promoting, or hiring staff who align with your core values and who will enrich your members’ experiences, it’s our role to train them up and invest time into their development. Staff training is something most fitness studios under estimate, that is a highly valuable and crucial step used by every leading brand. Consistent staff training improves culture, it ensures that everyone in your staff understands their roles in the business, and enables them to feel like they contribute. I recommend weekly workshops to train key skills like sales, customer service and delivering your core values

Prepare staff for questions

Ensure your staff can use your CRM and all equipment to help with any minor issues or member questions ranging from cardio consoles, to Wi-Fi connectivity, to how to use your latest strength equipment or lockers.