So, Threads of Instagram burst onto the scene in July and now they’ve got a whopping 120 million users on board. And guess who’s crushing it? The Big Brands, that’s who! They’re all up on this platform, making connections and getting their brand vibes out there.

And hold up, because in just 1 hot month, some of these brands have skyrocketed with followers – we’re talking hundreds of thousands, even a million! So, who’s killing the game on Threads? Let’s dive into some of the big players and see how they’re keeping the party going.


Meet the Coolest Brands on Threads

These brands are totally slaying it on Threads. Let’s break down what they’re doing that’s got everyone buzzing.


1. Marvel Entertainment

Followers: 4.5 million

Marvel is doing something different. While most peeps treat Threads like a second Twitter, reposting everything they’ve got, Marvel’s going for a more personal touch. They’re sharing heartwarming comic scenes, candid clips of fans geeking-out at comic cons, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their epic franchises.


2. CNN

Followers: 1.8 million

CNN’s secret sauce? Videos and graphics, baby! They’re dropping Taylor Swift-sized graphics and helicopter footage of wildfires like it’s no biggie. And guess what? It’s working.


3. Google

Followers: 1.2 million

Google’s bringing the party with eye-popping visuals and vids. They’re also speaking our language with short, emoji-filled convos. Plus, they’re not afraid to crack a joke or two. Engage, engage, engage!


4. Star Wars

Followers: 1 million

The Force is strong with this one. Star Wars is slinging dry humour and sarcasm like its lightsabre candy. They’re not just posting, they’re having a chat – with that iconic Star Wars vibe, of course.


5. TikTok

Followers: 890K

Wait, TikTok’s in on the Threads action? Yep, and they’re keeping it real with relatable humour and dropping all those trendy memes that make us double-tap on their app.


6. Forever 21

Followers: 543K

Fashion alert! Forever 21’s nailing it with relatable and funny posts. They know it’s back-to-school season, so they’re dishing out those awesome deals and making us LOL along the way.


7. Crunchyroll

Followers: 418K

Anime heaven Crunchyroll’s sharing epic moments, quotes, and pics from the hottest series on their platform. Oh, and they’re throwing in some reposts from other awesome stuff they’ve got. Double the fun!


8. Wendy’s

Followers: 277K

Wendy’s is serving up more than just fries – they’re dishing out memes and having a blast chatting with peeps who tag them. Memes are gold, people! And they’re all over it.


In a Nutshell

See, every brand on this list’s got its own groove, its sense of humour, and its own way of shining bright. Jumping onto Threads might need a bit of trial and error, but take a hint from these legends:

  • Find your unique and relatable brand voice.
  • Throw in some humour – it’s the spice of life.
  • Use vids, pics, and graphics to jazz things up.
  • Show some love – reply and repost like a pro.


Now that you’ve got some inspo, go rock Threads like the brand superstar you are.