Giving back  involves removing hard-earned revenue from your business and placing it in the hands of a worthy cause. And although the idea is certainly noble, it is not often that people would think of it as means to grow a business. So, if one thinks about it, doing charity to “grow our gym” may seem counterintuitive at first.

But perhaps we’ve been looking at this model the wrong way. Let’s take a look at how doing good is good for business.


Did you know that most people now switch brands if the new brand was associated with a social cause?

People have now become more socially aware and they don’t just care about how great your facility is, or the quality of your instructors. They also care about how and why you do business. By giving back consistently to causes that matter, your members will begin to see the “why” behind your business and will become more willing to be a part of the community you’re building.


When I say that the trust you build through a charitable reputation “goes far beyond the walls of your gym”, I’m talking about referrals. Keep in mind that not everyone will give you referrals. Only raving fans will do that. So how do you create more raving fans?

Well, one way is to get them involved. Get your members to join in on your charitable events like fun runs, theme days and trainer auctions. This makes your members feel more at home in your facility. The more involved a member is, and the more attached they feel to the community at your gym, the more likely they are to feel comfortable enough with you to tell a friend.


Charity is a good source of publicity because it will get people talking about your brand and the good that you do for the community. People are often drawn to charitable events because doing good feels good. And with social media now around, you can be sure that happy members will be sharing away on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat, giving your event –and your gym–a broader audience.  

But I also want to make it clear that, before you start an endeavour like this, make sure your heart is in the right place and keep in mind that you should not do charity just for the sake of publicity.

We align with Humpty Dumpty Foundation each year and donate presents to the kids stuck in hospital on Christmas Day. We get members to leave small presents under our Christmas Tree at the GYM and on Christmas eve I dress up as Santa and deliver presents from the back of a motor bike. It’s a great way to support the hard working staff of the local hospital and add a smile to the kids faces who can’t be at home with family during the holidays – we raise enough presents each year that each kid in hospital during the year also gets a gift to cheer them up and share all the photos and with members via email and social media.