There are some massive companies in the Fitness Industry with the slickest apps, film studios and sports models money can buy.

So you may wonder how you can possibly compete with these big players. But I’ve got good news for you …You don’t need to!

They are not your competition

  • You can’t compete with their ad spend.
  • You can’t pitch the same marketing messages.
  • You can’t come close to matching the production values of their videos.
  • Or the sheer volume of their streaming videos.

If you try to compete with, say NIKE, you’ll have your arse handed to you.

These are billion-dollar companies that hire charismatic people and high-end film crews. They create way more great-looking content than anything you could hope to do.

If you try to play their game, you will lose.

So don’t play their game. Play your own game. That’s the secret.

Use some smart POSITIONING, double down on our STRENGTHS and you can thrive in this marketplace. The behemoth companies lack what you have:


as more big players come in and dominate streaming and group-fitness apps, that’s your opportunity.

That’s when being small and connecting at a deeper level becomes much more valuable.

Only you can connect like that. You think an app or a brands logo is going to inspire loyalty? No Way!

No fitness app can connect like a person can.

So what’s your story? How can you connect?

Do NOT think big. Think small.

Find your following on the fringes.

Find people would connect with your story, your passions, your vulnerability

And once that connection is made—guess what, price doesn’t really matter anymore.

When you inspire loyalty, when you connect deeply, the compensation picture changes. Clients will pay more for REAL connection.

That’s something the big companies can’t do.