As gym owners, we sometimes fail to prioritise self-care. Self-care is not being selfish and is very crucial if you are looking after yourself and others. Self-care produces positive feelings, boosts your self-confidence and motivation, and gives you more energy to support yourself and others.

We have rounded up 6 of the best self-care practices that you can start doing every day – because we have to show ourselves some lovin’ every single day!

1. Have a regular sleep routine
Get your ducks in a row and start a regular sleep routine. Take a shower and get nice and toasty as you slip into your pajamas. Switch off your devices about an hour before going to bed, curl up with a good book, and put some lavender oil on your pillow. It would be great if you have lights out at 9:30 PM.

2. Start a reflective journal
Putting your thoughts in writing will give you a new perspective. This is a great way to find creative solutions to your challenging problems as a gym owner. Keep your journal nearby and write down thoughts and feelings you may have from time to time. This will also be a good way to practice gratitude, jot down things that you are grateful for each day – big or small – which brings us to our next tip.

3. Practice gratitude
Fun fact – practicing gratitude will rewire your brain to have a more positive view. A good way of getting started is by writing 3 to 5 positive thoughts or things that you are thankful for daily. Ponder how that makes you feel and sit with that happy feeling before you start your day.

4. Read a good book
Show yourself some love by getting lost in a good book. Find books that will make you smart, make you mindful, make you learn new things, and calm you down.

5. Learn to say NO
No is such a simple word, but many of us have trouble saying it. Saying YES to everything will take up so much of your time, attention, and energy and will make you feel overwhelmed. Setting boundaries and learning to say no is a great practice of self-care

6. Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it
Asking for help may make you feel vulnerable but it is vital for your well-being. Remember that you are only human and that you need support too.