29 of Australia’s leading Gym Owners and managers were fortunate last week to have Facebook Marketing expert Blake Micola as guest speaker at the Gym Hub quarterly Mastermind Workshop.

Blake is a lead generation marketing specialist, who has worked on campaigns for many of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs including:

  • Celebrity Apprentice star Mark Bouris
  • The Secret star Dr. John Demartini
  • BRW award winner Ben Harvey
  • BRW rich-lister Maha Sinnathamby

In this short blog, I share 8 of Blake’s BEST tips he used to generate over 604 leads for one Sydney business fitness entrepreneur in 42 days

1. When first getting started 

– Try ‘boosting’ posts and then ‘ads manager’ to get more targeted.  Its best to avoid ‘power editor’ until you have more experience.

2. Paid marketing works best

– Recent changes to Facebook mean that only 4% of your followers see organic posts. This is done obviously to encourage us to pay for it.

– Test a campaign spending approx. $50. If you only spend $20 across 6 images, across 3 days your results are less accurate.

3. Be Specific

– There is no point getting 500 people opt-in from your ad, if these leads are the correct demographic. Always choose a heading that helps filter the audience. For Example FREE REPORT FOR AUSTRALIAN POWERLIFTER

4. Be Speedy

– Provide a free report or video that the public can access and consume immediately. Registering for an event in 3 weeks time or a 12-week online course is less desirable.

5. Be surprising 

– The key to getting a huge opt in rate from Facebook adverts is sharing content that your target market value, but most

6. Using Images

– Avoid always using stock images because these will not rank as well with Google.

– Split test 6 images for 3 to 7 days and use the results to disqualify the 3 worst performing images. Increase your daily spend on the 3 remaining images that performed best

– No more than 20% text can be used on any image

7. Halve your cost per lead

– Upload your own targeted email audience from your CRM or

– Target your audience based on ‘interests’. These interests are calculated using information from many sources including what someone includes in their profile as well what they follow, like and share when on Facebook.

– Don’t target a suburb like Korari, because some people don’t place their suburb on their Facebook profile, instead go from larger area like the St George area or Sydney. Think about other things that your target audience might be interested in such as Michelle Bridges 12wbt or vision PT or Newport rugby club or Surf life saving Australia. You want a minimum of 200,000 people in your audience

– Grab a Facebook pixel and upload the Meta code to your website, so you can start following visitors to your website on Facebook

8. Opt in buttons

– The button in the bottom right corner should say ‘learn more’ rather than ‘opt-in’, because it’s less intimidating suggests less commitment.