Facebook wi-fi is another one of Facebook’s brilliant ways to help businesses get in front of their target audience.  BY simply logging into your gym’s internet network, Facebook wi-fi allows you to leverage on your client’s credentials as they check-in to your fitness business or interact on your Facebook page.  This is also secure and very easy to set-up!

What is Facebook Wi-Fi and how to use it?

  • By using routers that are compatible to Facebook wi-fi – you can easily configure your modem to allow free access to clients in your gym by simply checking-in to your Facebook page
  • In return for free wi-fi, all your clients need to do is check-in your business
  • If you are the admin of the page, you can check on the instruction here on how to easily set it up Getting Started
  • Once your clients connect to your gym’s Facebook Wi-Fi, they can engage with your business, see your ongoing promos, like your Facebook page, and leave a review – this puts your business in the spotlight for nearby customers and friends of your clients to see!

Why this helps?

For gym owners, this is an incredibly convenient and hassle-free way to offer your customers free Wi-Fi access. As an added bonus, using this for your gym it increases your Facebook page’s visibility and traffic.

Getting more check-ins and engagement means a boost in your page activity which will improve your page rank in Nearby Places  and Facebook Graph search tab on the Facebook mobile app. Additional check-ins can also lead to new business.

When people check-in to your gym’s Facebook page, it sends an automatic notification to their friends and it will include your gym name and address, and this means you are getting in front of new potential clients through the best possible avenue – your client’s friends and family. After checking in, your clients will also be able to like and engage with your Facebook page before they browse anything else.