Your Website, your Reception area and your staff Uniforms are 3 of the first ways a new enquiry will visually experience your brand. So, if we want to be viewed as clean, professional and organised to a prospect looking for the first time, then it’s crucial that your team all look the part. In this blog article, I share 3 reasons why you should consider investing into great uniforms for your staff and difference it can make.

1. Brand Association

Having a successful branding strategy means putting both your visual and written materials on one framework. One fundamental factor of this marketing strategy is having a consistent color scheme and a gym logo that you become recognised for.

Many gym owners are not aware of this less tangible element of MARKETING and how it effects your ability to attract your target audience. Prospects pick up on your uniform’s social cues subconsciously so when you have employees who look scruffy, shabby or present in ill-fitting uniforms, they subconsciously associate this low standard to your gym. They start to doubt whether you or your team can offer a clean workout environment or a professional service, if you struggle to even look professional …. make sense?

So, who is working? And who is working out?  Group Trainers sometimes get annoyed when they want to train by themselves and they get interrupted by a member, but how would a member know if you are working or not working, if they don’t wear a uniform when you work?

Personal Trainers sometimes complain they cannot pick up enough new clients, but how would a member know they are a trainer or looking for more work, if they don’t wear a uniform?

1000’s of ‘1-week free trial’ people go to gyms every week and leave without a membership. Many of them missing the support and answers they required to feel at home in that gym, so they try another gym – So how would a ‘trial member’ know who to ask for help if your team are not in uniform?

2. Have a Big Gym Business Future in Mind

When there is a coherent branding strategy in place, your business looks BIG and more professional. Having a standard uniform for your employees is the final touch to your branding strategy that shouts out that your business is headed for bigger and better things.

It is a known fact that consumers associate corporate brands with successful operations. This is not a conscious association but more of an assumption that good branding means stability and that the business will be around for a long time.

Look like an expert. When your staff has a more professional look, it helps them look like they earned certifications and that they are qualified to give expert advise in fitness. Putting them in uniforms is one way to effectively achieve that. Make sure that you have a range of sizes available and styles for male and female staff because one size does NOT fit all.

Increase Sales.  When employees represent your brand, they should be able to project authority. It’s a proven fact that it’s easier to upsell or offer new products and services when you are in your uniform.

Establish brand recognition.  Having a recognizable uniform will help develop your brand image. Its like sending a message. Your uniforms should not be available for your members to purchase. If you sell fitness merchandise, create branded clothing that complements your uniform design.

Having staff uniforms is the perfect way to go if you are aspiring for a certain look for your employees and your gym. This is why franchises are so popular because their selling point is having prefabricated images that have already established that we are professionals, we know what we do.

3. Team alignment

Sporting teams and supporters around the globe use a uniform to connect the tribe and make people feel part of something. Earning your jersey during the interview process and wearing your jersey proud to team lunch and industry events helps bring teams together and feel united. Don’t forget – members love wearing a uniform too and representing at things like running events and taking photos in your brand while on holidays so empower them to do so – by giving new members a singlet, selling hats, jumpers etc. at reception – just make sure the uniform is different to staff 😛

Remember that dressing the part is an integral part of sending the message to your prospective clients and current members of the value and culture of your fitness business.