Hey guys, Steve Grant on the admin for the Gym Owners Network, and one of our goals is to try and provide more value, more resources, more free training inside of our group that’s actually better quality and our competitors would charge you for in their sort of expensive courses. Today I want to record a short video to answer a question.

This week’s question said, do I need to keep paying $1,000 a month for my fitness CRM or ?

So there’s a couple of fitness CRMs where you might pay that much per month. I’m assuming you’re talking about like a mind body or a perfect gym or something like that.

The challenge we saw in the fitness industry, MindBody has been the biggest in the world, a good company and have served us well for many years. When they got acquired a few years back by an investment firm, a couple of changes took place. So, one, is that they put their prices up and that might be why you’re paying $1,000 per month. They also only recently have sort of changed the billing options, trying to move everyone over to Stripe because that obviously makes things a little bit easier for their end. It’s a little bit disruptive for you if you’ve got to take them from EasyPay, or wherever they are now, over to Stripe. They obviously need to sign like new documents, all of them.

So I get it.

You’ve probably been there a long time, frustrated, looking for alternatives.

The new kids on the block are a company called , they’re Australian based.

Like MindBody, they’ve got like three tiers of access depending on what level of sort of functionality you have. But the good news there is they’re top tier. So the one with all the features is only $279. So if you’re currently paying $1,000 a month for whatever fitness CRM you have, you can get the same functionality or better with a newer software, saving you like over eight and a half grand per year.

Other stuff that I like about these guys is they’re giving you the option of like which billing company you want to use. So you can stick to the same billing company you’ve got now without disrupting all your members. Or you may choose to actually switch the billing company you use if you’re not getting a good rate.

One of my clients, Rick’s got a 24 hour gym in Victoria, and he . Other benefits to be aware of, I mentioned before with all these softwares, there’s different level or tiers that they have depending on which level of sort of functionality you have.

The cool thing about is their first tier or tier one is . So if you want to actually create an account and trial the software, you know, the appointment systems and data entry and stuff, you can actually do it for free. It doesn’t cost you anything.

The reporting’s improved. So I was always challenged with my previous CRM where I’d run a report and it wasn’t accurate. So I go on the whiteboard and I try and figure it out myself. So I’m happy the recording’s better.

And the last thing I think they’re doing well is the sales dashboard is really solid. So quite common with these fitness CRMs that as well as paying for their their expensive fees each month, you then have to plug on like a sales software like gym sales or something like that so you can work out where all your members are up to in the sales pipeline. That’s obviously another area of focus.

So in answer to your question, do you need to keep paying? You definitely don’t.