I remember when I first started….I was just grateful that anyone walked through my gym doors. However, it’s very important to reach a point in your business when you get clearer on what type of members you actually want. Ideal clients are more fun to work with, they stay longer, they spend more, and they refer more people – so the goal in marketing is not to attract ‘just anyone’, but instead to specifically target those people who you really enjoy working with and those people you are best at helping. This is when business becomes more FUN and also when you start making more PROFIT.


To start using laser focused marketing strategies, you must first clearly define your ideal customer avatar. So to help you with that, here are some great ways to precisely define who your ideal members are, plus quick tips on how to attract more of them


1. Cheaper isn’t always better

When you market your fitness business as being cheap, you attract customers who are looking for cheap. They will tell all their cheap friends about you and before you know it, you own a studio that struggles to make money because of all your cheap clients.  Remember that members who look for ‘cheap stuff’ are rarely loyal and will often go elsewhere if they find a better deal.


2.Define your ideal client

This will take a few minutes – but is a super value exercise

  • Go back to last year’s figures and see which customers have brought in the most profit. Remember, these are not the ones you have spent the most on, but those that have given you the highest earnings.  Obviously, we want more of these people.
  • Think of all the fitness programs and promotions you did last year — which ones worked? Where did you get good customers who paid well and worked well with you and your team? Who were they? What industries were they in? What do you think made everything go smoothly?
  • What are the current trends in the fitness industry? Doing regular research about emerging market trends keeps your business competitive.  Markets are evolving fast and you need to keep yourself updated to keep up with the times. You don’t want to wake up one day only to find that your class attendance is down, drop-out number are up, and you have less people joining each month.


3. Target your marketing

Once you have a clear picture of who your ideal clients are, you can now define your niche and tailor your marketing strategy clearly so you can write develop specific services that will suit the needs of your target customers. The ad copy or TEXT you use when marketing should speak to your target market’s needs, wants, and frustrations, The IMAGE choice and also WHERE you choose to market will also vary depending on your who your ideal client is. GOOD LUCK!