Social media has evolved over the years to become a giant element for most marketing plans. But if you continue to struggle to get a handle on your social media presence, don’t go into a meltdown, it’s not just you. Everyone, including big brands have a tough time sometimes getting this right. And that’s because it can be a challenge to effectively focus your efforts and get your content in front of the right people.

And that’s where the disconnect lies –to achieve any sort of success with your social content so that it helps your fitness business, you have to start by properly identifying your audience.

Here’s what you can do


No, I don’t need you to go shopping right now. I need you to really focus and think about who you want to reach with your social media posts. While it’s tempting to want to reach everyone in a single swipe, it’s that kind of mindset that typically leads to fails social campaigns because the most effective way to create social content that will actually resonate with your target market is by building buyer avatars. Who do you want to talk to? Knowing what your potential members like will allow you to tailor your content specifically for them. 

Properly segmenting your audience through personas can also help you to determine which social media channels you should be using to reach a particular group of people, and which messages will inspire people to come to your gym.


Social media is often considered a “top-of-the-funnel” marketing channel that is super effective in building brand awareness and trust.

If you get it right, it can help you reach people that are further down the funnel and even drive sales. So, once you’ve crafted your member image, acknowledge the main ‘pain points’ and ‘challenge’ that make getting a good result hard for them and outline a solution. This is where your blogs and other material come in. Make them engaging so that you can move your potential members closer to decision. 


One of the easiest ways to track the effectiveness of your content is through custom URLs that allows you to track campaign sources, traffic medium and more. This is awesome for segmenting traffic to determine which messages resonates on certain channels.


If you know where your traffic comes from, the next step is to set concrete goals for your efforts. Without clear targets, it’s easy to lose sight of what contents are actually connecting with your audience.

It’s still important to initiate and track social conversations. But you don’t just talk the talk, your primary goal should be to drive traffic to your website for killer business. Trackable conversions can include everything from contact form submissions and phone number clicks to video demos and online transactions.  When done right, creating social content has the power to attract new audiences, inspire existing fans and drive revenue for your fitness business. And that’s exactly what you should be doing.