I’m not sure about you, but when I get introduced to a new product or service, I head straight for the testimonials page. Reading about how other people who have already actually tried it out makes me feel like I am making a more informed choice and not just deciding impulsively. Like me, studies have shown that 82% of adults read online reviews before they decide to purchase a new item online.

So whether you may realise it or not, there are definitely people out there who are looking up information and reviews about your fitness studio and deciding whether they should invest in you or one of your competitors. Some of them are looking to see social proof from your members, they want to know what other people have to say about your service, and are watching to see what you are capable of.

The power of a video testimonial for your gym website and social media is huge!


Nowadays, people can leave a fast review on your Facebook or Google page, but getting them to write about their positive experience isnt easy, in fact, people are 52% more likely to share a bad customer experience on online review site.

With video testimonials, you get to have a little more control over what comes up on your review sites. Recording and posting videos of your members talking about the results you’ve helped them get, gives a more positive impression on your audience about your gym. When recording video testimonials for your gym, be sure to ask specific questions that people might not think to touch on in a written online review.


A great time to ask one of your members for a testimonial is when they achieve any kind of goal. They feel proud of their accomplishments and would be happy to share their feedback.

During your weigh-ins or measurement days, be on the lookout for someone who reaches their goal or makes a significant milestone, and ask them right then and there if they’ll share their experience. Let them know how proud you are of them and that it’ll only take 2 minutes for them to share this win with the other people. No big production necessary, you can simply film it with your phone!

On top of that, train your staff to keep an eye out for people who come to classes consistently, work hard, and have improved since they first started. Grab them after class and ask if you can film a quick testimonial. This is such a great idea because people are usually hyped up after a workout, they’re positive, and they also just released a lot of stress … so they won’t be as nervous when you film them.

This is also true for any challenges or events that you have. Ask your top performers to record a video testimonial after the challenge ends, and they’ll likely be excited to share their results!

Alternatively, if a member feels a little uncomfortable doing a testimonial at the studio where other people are around, you can find an empty room or office to get some privacy.

Give members an incentive for providing video testimonials like a free guest pass or access to a specific class or event.


Filming and editing your testimonials doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you’ve had zero production experience, you can create videos with your phone. Most smartphones shoot HD video at a 1080p quality or better, so you don’t need to invest in expensive, studio-type equipment to do this.

For those who are new to editing, iMovie for Macs or Movie Maker for Windows are programs that are easy to learn and navigate. Your computer most likely already has one of these installed, and there’s a lot of tutorials online that can help you get started. If you want to use something more advanced, Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro are good choices. Another program is Camtasia, which works on any operating system because it’s browser-based.

If you are a Gym Hub member simply access the Gym Hub support team to have all your video editing work done.


Cannot stress enough how you must be prepared for the testimonial with a list of questions you want to ask. Keep the mood light and friendly and let your member know beforehand that it’s okay to mess up, and make sure that they feel comfortable. If their response to a question is vague or not exactly what you were looking for, don’t be afraid to ask the question again in a different way or ask a follow up question.

Here are my 5 questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been a member of the gym now and what type of training do you do?
  2. What results have you achieved so far?
  3. What was it about our gym that appealed to you most at the start?
  4. What is different about our gym vs other you have been to?
  5. What would you say to someone out there who is considering a trial at the studio but a little bit hesitant?


If your member is camera shy or a little nervous in front of the camera, the best thing you can do is make sure they have fun. A great way for them to feel comfortable and trust you with their story is to make them laugh. Crack a joke before you start filming and help them relax. This experience helps you connect with your members even more.

Remember, the more that you post new video testimonials on your website and social media pages, the more new members with similar challenges and goals you’ll attract. Video testimonials are a free and effective marketing tactic to grow your gym, and I can’t wait to hear how they help your business.