Reaching your target audience has never been easier with everyone now on their smartphones most of the day which means you and I have more opportunities to get in front of our perfect prospects.  While spending time on marketing CAN BE very effective to drive new membership sales, it can also very FRUSTRATING and expensive if you are still doing the same boring marketing as everyone else.

so, it may be time to change up your approach and add fresh creative ideas.  Here are 8 Fresh Fun Marketing Ideas that I use in my gym combining both offline and digital methods.

  1. Raise money for charity

Donating to a good cause helps build goodwill for your brand and you can’t go wrong helping others.  Connect with a local charity you like and see how you can help.  We recently donated the entry fee for our studio fun-run and 4-week challenge to a good cause. You can make tax deductible donations under your gym name.  If you prefer donations that wont impact your cash flow, donate free memberships or free classes. 

  1. Live Stream

This can be done from both Facebook and Instagram and live streaming is a good way to get the attention of inactive followers.  Set up an interview of your staff, showcase a sneak peak of a class, or just take a video of you chatting with a member after a class.  Capturing a time of day in your business and showcasing BEHIND THE SCENES helps make your business feel exciting and eventful.  Don’t forget to finish every livestream with an instruction to ‘like the post’, ‘share with a friend’ or ‘comment below’ to maximise engagement.

  1. Revamp your website

Make sure to add fresh content monthly (like blogs, recipes and case studies) to drive visitors to your website and SEO. Also make sure to optimize for mobile phone view and check your website’s load speed because Google penalizes websites that load slow as it decreases your ranking placement and the visitor experience.

  1. Create a unique landing page

Warm up leads with a fun modern landing page that provides case studies and a short ‘explainer video’ detailing ‘who you are’ and ‘what your promo involves’. Don’t forget a few BIG coloured call-to-action buttons visitors cannot miss. 

  1. Get involved in corporate wellness 

You can host a challenge where local real estate agents, hair dressers or other businesses go against each other in a competition.  This can be a one-day event or could be a 6-week weight-loss challenge.  Make the rules clear, the game fun, and make sure to have an exciting prize for the winner like a free add in a local magazine to promote their businesses or a nice team lunch out! If you are not yet involved in corporate wellness, invite local business professionals to your studio and offer to host a health presentation over lunch or a complimentary onsite class.  You can also set up a corporate discount for the employees of the organization who wish to sign up.

  1. Use flash sales 

Aside from your regular promotions, pick a certain period where you can offer flash sales for say the first 25 people.  I personally like Black Friday, our studio birthday and Mother’s Day!

  1. Give out a free prize for Google Reviews

You can use this strategy to boost your 5-star Google reviews and credibility online. Incentivise members by giving out gym apparel, supplements or a water bottle. I find people that leave a review are also far more likely to stay and refer friends too.

  1. Have a FREE CLASS day

Using your various digital marketing faucets, gain the attention of prospective clients and announce a free class day.  Create a landing page for signing up for the free class so that you can capture their data for follow-up purposes and send them a 3 email automation with class descriptions, timetable and case studies is really powerful.  Invite businesses nearby and if you already have a good relationship with them, ask them to hand out flyers with a QR code that promote your free class in their business.