Kayla Itsines, the most influential fitness star on the planet has motivated 12.4 million followers across the globe to SWEAT.

Kayla Itsines and CEO Tobi Pearce founded the SWEAT App Fitness Empire after Kayla’s stunning before and after photo’s went viral and her cult of online workouts gained the Instagram following of Candice Swanepoel.

Here are the 7 Insider Secrets on how Tobi Pearce and Kayla Itsines turned an Instagram following as high as any Victoria’s Secret Model into a business valued at $500 million. 

1. Time-Management is a key to success.

Kayla Itsines top-tapping before and after photos are the key engagement metric on her Instagram. Tobi says that even though Kayla shares all types of posts on Instagram, these are what make women grab their towels and download the SWEAT App most.

Motivating ‘Kayla’s Army’ requires smooth scheduling both on and off Instagram from the SWEAT apps Adelaide Headquarters. Tobi Pearce, CEO says that Time-Management has become a key skill he attributes to fast success.

Tobi started with loose deadlines before his diary evolved into a tight series of meetings. Time blocks may range from 1 hour to just 15 minutes and this system has flourished as the business continuously grows to achieve over $100 million in revenue each year. 

2. You don’t have to know everything

When Kayla and Tobi turned a new leaf onto their SWEAT App idea, Tobi was responsible for overseeing its growth in million-dollar milestones. 

Tobi Pearce says his growth mindset includes being gentle on himself that he doesn’t know everything.

Every milestone group; from 1 million to 10 million involves a unique set of “capabilities” to be managed and achieved. Like several other Founders, Tobi Pearce recommends getting comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s the kind of mindset that’s seen the Bikini Body Guides getting women off the sofa and working out across more than 140 different countries. 

3. Choose to look-back on your life as a learning opportunity for greater things

The story of the fitness star Kayla Itsines who went viral with the Bikini Body Guides began with two different individuals. 

In the years before Tobi met Kayla and she became his fiancée, Tobi left his family home during year 12 and was struggling to meet his school expectations while taking care of his fundamental needs. 

Tobi Pearce claimed ownership of this period of adversity in his life and ensured it did not let him become a victim. He acknowledges this background enabled the personal growth that’s prepared him to succeed in business and beyond. 

4. Go deeper into how each area of your business works.

In order to build awareness around the Bikini Body Guides- Connecting these ideas to so many women around the world- Tobi was often asking his staff members the question “Why?”

He told Kayla that he wanted to go deeper into every area of the business operations. By hiring a diversity of people, each with differing skillsets, he adopted a learning and growth mindset that embraced the fear of what he didn’t know. 

This saw the opportunity for the SWEAT app development to be fast-tracked. For example, by learning about his software developers’ mission and translating this into easy language for the graphic design team, the launch of the SWEAT app had cohesive graphics and software development that were able to deliver swift success. 

5. Ask the question “Why” 

Things like Kayla Itsines quick workouts for small spaces- Quick 28-minute workouts that can be easily done at home with minimal equipment have been super-popular. Simplifying workouts is an art form and Tobi does a great deal of reading and asks an abundance of questions to make things smoother.

In 2019 he said he read over 60 books and aside from asking his staff plenty of questions to deeper understanding and communication across the organization- He says that more people who seek his advice as a mentor should also ask him the question ‘why’ and not take what he says as the immediate ‘gospel.’ 

Curiosity is able to assist execution. You can’t simplify without delving into ‘why’ and gaining deeper understandings to establish the attention your organization needs to grow.

6. Establish Social Media boundaries for your brand

Having built a fitness empire on Instagram with over 3 million #BBC hashtags, Kayla Itsines says that she remains authentic to avoid posts that avoid being attention-seeking or showing-off.

This has seen her kick-butt across the globe. Earthlings aren’t fans of attention-seekers and show-offs, which means lingerie posts or cheap laughs that often rate highly on Instagram are big no-no’s for sustaining #BBG brand power.

Tobi says that a key to success has been defining what Kayla doesn’t post and sticking to that no matter what. 

7. Make it easy for clients to engage with your brand beyond Social Media

Kayla Itsines has provided the kinds of ideas and insights that can be translated into business revenue.

Workouts that can be shared on Instagram and easily integrated into people’s lifestyles- Like the quiet workouts for small spaces that can be done in 28 minutes with minimal equipment at home, gave no excuses to say ‘no.’

She eliminated some of the blocks to ‘Kayla’s Army’ motivation by asking women to ‘find a tribe’ to join her own. 

Kayla Itsines has turned her wildest social media dreams into a reality and along with CEO of SWEAT Tobi Pearce, a new baby girl, 12.4 million Instagram subscribers and a potential billion-dollar business valuation; they show no-signs of slowing down.

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