A landing page is a one-page website to help convert prospects for a specific marketing campaign at your gym. This is where you direct them when they click on your email, SMS or google ads words.

Instead of directing them to your website with lots of distracting buttons and tabs, a landing page has one single function, and that is to convert visitors into a booking, using a large coloured call to action button.


Do I need a landing page for my gym?

YES! Having a landing page can increase your lead conversion by as much as 55%.

Creating a landing page that ‘converts like crazy’ takes a bit of practice. However, knowing the basics will save you a tonne of time, money, and effort.


Here are the six top things to consider when designing a gym landing page

1. Craft a strong Headline

Your headline should be clear, relevant, and empathetic.

I like using headlines that focus on your target audience’s’ biggest challenges’ like losing the last 5kilos or a ‘pain point’ like not having enough time to exercise with a busy lifestyle.

Other good headlines focus on the prospects ‘ideal outcome’ like feeling confident in a bathing suit or use questions to trigger curiosity like

Are you training with the correct ratio of strength to cardio for your body type?

Are you still eating any of these 5 foods that prevent fat loss?


2. Explainer Video

An authentic 1minute video ‘filmed on your smart phone that explains WHO your offer is best suited to and WHAT your offer includes… will dramatically increase your conversion rate.


3. Premium eye-catching Images

The design that you use should invoke positive emotions. Do not use more than 2-3 colors as this can be very distracting. Also, image choice is crucial. Use an image that portrays your ideal target audience smiling while exercising and never anyone straining or who looks uncomfortable or red-faced in pain or under stress.


4. Add testimonials

Having male and female social proof is still a proven hack to motivate a cold audience to take the next step and book a gym visit. Use images and tangible results like “Mike lost 6kilios in 6 weeks and no longer gets lower back pain”.


5. A clear Call to Action

Your call to action should reflect the objective of your gym’s marketing campaign. If your objective is to inform, you should use a CTA with “learn more” or “find out more”. But if your goal is to have more signups, then there should be a sense of urgency like “grab your free PT session now” or “sign up for group training today”. These would persuade your visitors and prompts them to act quickly.


The button should by BIG and BOLD and use a bright green, orange or yellow colour that really stands out.


6. Eliminate link and buttons

The landing page shouldn’t look like a website page, blog or recipes. Do not use navigation menus as this might distract your user to stray away and forget about your CTA altogether.


In summary, the landing page is not about you or your brand – it’s about the marketing campaign or offers that you are running. Talk only about that.


No go and rip in!