When distributing your marketing content through social media platforms, blog posting, or via email, you may not know that there is a huge selection of tools that you can choose from that will help you produce better content and make work easier for you and give you more time to focus on growing your fitness business.

There are tons of free tools available out there, but here are our favorite ones that you can use to level up your fitness marketing strategies for gyms:


  1. Loom 

Loom is a video recorder that’s really fun and creative.  It’s a free tool that allows you to show your own video camera during the recording.  This also available with a Chrome extension which makes it easier to record stuff.

This tool is perfect for fitness businesses because it’s perfect to use for online training or coaching sessions when you want to do one on ones with your clients to explain certain processes.  You can also use this tool to post a video of you showing clients how to book or schedule classes online.  Aside from that this can also be used to record videos of you showing members how to navigate the membership area, for example.  Using Loom gives your videos a more personalized touch while achieving the purpose of getting your clients to take action.


  1. Savefrom.net 

Native videos that automatically play in newsfeeds have a greater reach than posts of image or plain texts (such as YouTube links).  This is an important thing to keep in mind when posting videos in social media platforms.

Savefrom.net allows you to use cool YouTube videos on your Facebook page and make it appear like a native video that plays in your newsfeed.  This free tool also lets you add subtitles to your video, which can be done when you upload a YouTube link.    This is one of our favorites because you can easily download the YouTube video that you like as an mp4 file and post it as a native video in your social media accounts.  Super easy!


  1. Licecap 

We all love GIFs!  A great way to show your members how to book classes online is to provide them with a visual how-to and using a GIF will be a creative way to get this information out to them.  With Licecap, you can get a quick screen capture, turn it into a GIF, and include this in your emails or social media posts.  Using GIFs would be a plus especially for members that are visual learners.


  1. Online Video Cutter 

Knowing how to edit videos is a skill that gym owners can definitely use to their advantage.  This can be made easier by using the Online Video Cutter tool which lets you cut a part of a video that you want to highlight.  Let’s say you have a 40-minute video and want to highlight certain parts of it to post as 15 seconds promotional blurbs at different times.  Online Video Cutter allows you to do this very easily and allows you to cut just a certain portion of a video and download it.

It requires zero editing experience and is perfect for the busy business owner like you.  Posting snippets of videos from an already existing one that you have eliminates the extra time and effort to take short videos.  And using these snippets to post regularly to your platforms sends out a message that you are an expert in your field while giving you more time to focus on growing your gym business.