Without leads, your business won’t grow, its as simple as that.  There are 3 lead generation strategies that are guaranteed to get your gym more clients in the door, and if any of these 3 are not part of your marketing strategy yet, well, its time to shake things up and pay attention.

  1. Have a proven offer

Facebook and Instagram ads are one of the best platforms to use to get more leads, however, the one thing that stops these potential leads from signing up is a proven offer.  Also, if your ads don’t offer any incentives to click, then its virtually useless.

With fitness studios, the “one free week” offer is among one of the campaigns which generated the most leads.  This is because of 2 factors.  First, people love free things.  They would most likely buy from you if you offer one free deal.  And, second, you are giving them the option to check out your services without any commitment.  They don’t have to get into any contracts and they don’t have to pay up front for anything the first time, so they have nothing to lose.

  1. Paid Ads

Majority of clients of small fitness studios come from referrals.  This is good because it only means that your customers love your service and recommend it to people that they know.  However, not tapping into the opportunity of getting more clients through running paid ads means you are missing out on a huge chance to get more people to sign up.

Once you have a proven offer in place, running a paid ad is the perfect way to get your message in front of your target audience.  Both Facebook and Instagram offer a cost-effective platform to get your business our there.  You can use both videos and images and you can just do everything within your budget and still target the ideal clients.

  1. Retargeting

People who have visited a certain website, landing page, or have shown interest for a certain business gets retargeted later on.  For example, if a client looks for a certain product online but did not buy it, the next time they open Facebook, an ad of the same product will automatically show.  This is retargeting.

This strategy is a good way to keep your business in front of people.  People who did not sign up right away or have visited your site will continue to see your ads in their feed.  It usually takes about 5-7 impressions for people to remember your brand, so keep on running those ads and remember to keep track of them.  You can use pixels to keep track of people who visited your page so that you can retarget them.