The 3 different types of emails for GYMS!

1. Marketing
2. Transactional
3. Operational

Each of these email types serves a different purpose when it comes to the customer journey and failure to understand this could lead to you sending the wrong type of email at the wrong time making a prospect becomes disengaged.

What Is a Marketing Email?

Typically, you’ll send marketing emails to entire groups of people using email marketing software like Active Campaign. You may have segments in your email list that mark out groups like new prospects, nurtured prospects, and lapsed prospects. Each will receive different marketing emails depending on their specific needs.

Examples of Marketing Emails:

• Welcome Emails – In this case, you’re sending a mass email to all new subscribers. This email also has the purpose of moving the recipient deeper into your funnel.
• Newsletters – A newsletter should offer loads of value in the way of recipes, training tips and tips as well as case studies and info about your business.
• Promotions – A special offer or deal that applies to a whole group of people, maybe offering a discount coupon to the first 20 people who register.
• Sales Emails – Send to multiple people, but personalise it by using their first name. Use an eye-catching title to increase open rates and avoid any other content that might distract the reader like blogs etc. Use a conversational tone which identifies a common problem/challenge and position your product/service as the solution. Use a BIG coloured ‘call to action’ button that takes prospects to a landing page to register. Always sign off each email as yourself (not as the business)

What Is a Transactional Email?

A transactional email is a one-to-one email when a customer completes a transaction/purchase for supplements, Apparel, Personal Training or anything not on the direct debit that’s relevant only to the person who receives the email.

That means no bulk emails fall under this category. However, a transactional email can still follow a template, which means it can look similar to an email you send to somebody else.

Examples of Transactional Emails:

• Set up Emails – A setup email can also only be triggered when somebody signs up. This means a transaction has to occur, even if you’re sending the same email to every new prospect. This will often give them swipe tag instructions, group training timetable and where they can find parking.
• Feedback Email –Send a feedback request email using free software like survey monkey every 3months to get feedback on staff, cleanliness, service, results, classes, equipment and what they need help with most.

What Is an Operational Email?

Operational emails are typically the rarest of the three. These are emails that communicate crucial information that everybody on your list needs to hear.

When everybody needs to know about a change.

Examples of Operational Emails:

You’ve likely got a good grasp of what an operational email is from the above example. But here are a few more than you may use in your business:

• Event Information – These include emails about event Seminars, Challenges, Christmas parties and New timetables. These all relate to how the event will operate, thus giving the recipient more information.
• Customer Service Updates – Let’s say there’s an issue with your client app or new Covid-19 safety protocols. These are all customer service issues that your prospects and clients need to know about. As such, any emails you send in relation to them are operational.
You could say that these are emails that relate specifically to how changes to your business affect everybody else.
Which Type of Email Should You Send?
You’re now armed with the knowledge needed to create the right email for every situation. All that’s left is to make sure that those emails get to the people who need to see them.
That’s where we come in. The Gym Hub team works with you to set up the automation process for all of your email broadcasts. We can also help you to segment your contact list to ensure the correct people receive the email. And with the help of our design team, you can create emails that grab attention and get your message across.