Here’s the second installment on our 10 Surefire Ways to Get More Instagram Followers.  Plus we have thrown in a few more tips on mistakes that you could be making that are making it harder for you to get those Insta followers.

Let’s pick up where we left off:


8. Partnering up with influencers

Find influencers in the fitness industry to partner up with and help connect to new users in your target audience. Collaborating with influencers will help you make more impact on Instagram and help you get more followers. Partner up with complementary businesses such as an active wear business, cafe or health food store and have them promote or recommend your services.

9. Run Targeted Video Ads

Instagram uses Facebook’s targeting system and allows you to easily reach your target audience on a massive scale. Your ads will appear in front of their feeds and a good way to optimise this opportunity is to use video campaigns. Videos have a thumb-stopping factor that will help you get the attention of first-time viewers.

10. Pay attention to your profile page

Although your bio will not get you more visibility, it plays an important role in converting visitors into followers. Your bio has to send out a clear message of what you do and what you offer, because users will not really stay that long inside a page to find out, they can easily swipe to the next one. Here are some tips to make sure that you have a strong profile page:

  • Make your brand recognisable. Make sure that you use the same profile pic in your other social media accounts to establish that users are accessing your official account.
  • Include a link to your site. Adding your link in your bio will help users get to know your brand more and help build a relationship with them.
  • Tell users who you are and what services you offer. Make sure that they will find value in what you offer and that it grabs their attention.
  • If you have a branded hashtag include this in your bio because this is clickable and will take users to content that has this branded hashtag.


Always try to put your best foot forward. Here are some “What Not to Do’s” when trying to get more Instagram followers.

NEVER buy followers

Buying followers will hurt more than it helps. These followers use fake accounts or bots and can lead to getting your page shut down long after you have purchased your followers. These fake accounts never engage, but in the off chance they do, its never in a meaningful way. Buying followers signals the Instagram algorithm that the content that you put out there is not high quality or even relevant and slowly you will see you content going further down in the feed placements. Opting for paid campaigns is better than wasting money on a false number that will not benefit you.

NEVER go for “follow for follow” campaigns

This is very similar to buying followers in terms of how it affects your marketing. Many Instagram users follow other users in hopes that they will follow back, some even use the #followforfollow hashtag. You may end up having a higher number of followers but majority of these followers are actually just bots who will never invest in your business and will just follow you because they themselves want followers.

NEVER rely on a few hashtags

Hashtags matter, very much! So, make sure to choose the right hashtag for your posts. Diversity is key, if you find a relevant hashtag that creates a big engagement, don’t rely on that exclusively, instead expand your reach and use different hashtags each time to make sure that you reach different sections of users when you post content.

In conclusion, the goal is to get more Instagram followers and it’s easy to see why this is so. In order to achieve this, make sure that you utilise a combination of the strategies we mentioned earlier in order to keep your audience engaged and to ensure that you get that steady stream of followers coming in.