If you are struggling for fresh ideas or different ways to share content on Instagram that will help build your followers and increase the credibility of your fitness studio, then you will love this week’s gym hub blog – jam-packed with awesome strategies to get you started.



You may have noticed that prospects and members are always asking great questions. So, list down the best questions and create posts that you can share on Instagram maybe once a week to answer these questions. This type of content is very educational and sets you up as an expert in your industry.


Behind the Scenes Videos

Everybody loves a peak at what happens behind the scene. Compile short clips of you or your team while they are working with clients. It’s super easy now to compile and edit videos on your phone. Just make sure to keep it upbeat and fun! Don’t forget to shoot them upright on your phone and keep them under 1 minute to maximise their reach.



If you have clients that are raving about your service, then you can capitalize on this and use as content for Instagram. You can also use existing client reviews that you already have on your website. Posting client reviews your credibility as a gym, it’s perfect content!



Sharing tutorials or how-to videos would be good content for fitness businesses. Pick popular exercises like Lunges, TRX, or kettlebells that you are good at then walk them through step-by-step. You can use this for your Instagram stories or a carousel for your account.


Common Mistakes

Most likely you see your members make the same eating or exercise mistakes over and over. You can post about common mistakes that your client can avoid to help them out and most importantly give suggestions on what they can do instead.


Monday Mood Board

Creating a Monday Mood Board will be a good way to set the mood for your clients as they start the week. Be creative! Put together fun and inspiring photos that you can put together to set the tone.


Reading recommendations

If you stumble upon some great blogs, podcasts or websites that you think would be interesting for your clients, you can create a video of you talking about where to find them and share them on your Instagram Reel.


Pros and Cons

Presenting the pros and cons of the services your gym offers is a great way to highlight health and wellness clothing, supplements, and your own gym offers.



Look through some fitness-related statistics and post those that you think your members will find relevant like the % of people who lose weight and put it all back on again or the % of people with lower back pain. Make the presentation of the information creative so that people will stop and actually care about it.


Fitness Lingo

There are so many technical terms we use in the fitness business on a regular basis that may seem basic to you and I like periodization, keto dieting, or fartlek training. Share these terms with your members regularly to help them learn more about the fitness business and help them communicate better with you.


Motivational Quotes

Every gym member runs out of motivation and this is the biggest obstacle for anyone looking to get a gym membership. Sharing motivational quotes on the topics of self-care, fresh starts, and healthy living will be good for your feed. This can be used as filler content but should always be part of your content planner. Pro-Tip: Avoid using stock images and create images that represent your brand.


Showcase your Team

Your team members are an essential part of your brand and they are the face of your fitness business so it would be a big mistake not to include them in your content. Prospects connect more with people that make your gym rather than the brand. Include weekly highlights like Trainer Tuesdays, feature trainer achievements, Trainer of the Month posts, member testimonials for trainers, or new routines done by your trainers.


Gym Equipment

Showcasing your equipment reinforces your value to your prospective clients. It defines the experience one will get when they work out in your gym, especially for those who join the gym for equipment-based workouts. When posting content, you can also include videos on how to use the equipment, pros and cons, and some interesting facts about it. This also establishes your authority and credibility on the subject.


Instagram Reels

Reels are great to grab your audience’s attention because people’s attention spans are reducing every day. Sweet and short content like reels is a great way to compete with the millions of other brands posting on Instagram every day. You can post action videos of trainers, healthy recipes, member testimonials, videos of a new class, feature new equipment, and behind-the-scenes in your gym.


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