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The Titans Of the Fitness Industry

At this groundbreaking workshop, Australia's fitness industry leaders reveal what they would do ‘in your shoes’ to take a gym to breathtaking new heights of success in the next 6 months

Thursday, 22nd June BRISBANE

Thursday, 12th October MELBOURNE

Thursday, 26th October SYDNEY

Get your MELBOURNE ticket here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49
Get your Sydney tickets here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49

Dear Gym Owner,

Success leaves clues...

So if you really want a shortcut to wealth, abundance and freedom... the fastest and easiest way is to follow the footsteps of people who already achieved these goals.

That’s why I recently asked some of Australia’s most successful fitness business owners to answer one simple question:

What Money­-Making Systems, Tools And
Strategies Would They Use To Grow Your Gym In 2017?

Now, before I tell you what they said, keep the following in mind...

These experts own 7­-figure gyms and award­ winning operations. They have earned as much as $297,546 a year while working just a few hours a week.

And they take up to 3 months a year holidaying with their families ­ while their businesses grow, virtually on autopilot...

They have tried all the strategies. They’ve tested all the techniques...

They have figured out what works... and how to make it work better, quicker and with less effort.

The evidence is clear: When it comes to making enormous bundles of cash with minimum effort, these guys know what they are talking about.

And that’s why I’m thrilled to announce that for the first, and possibly the ONLY time ever...

... they have agreed to share their precious wisdom with a small group of lucky gym owners at the groundbreaking THE TITANS OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY workshop.

One Day With This Group will change the way you do business forever!

The TITANS OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY workshop is unlike any other fitness event you have ever seen.

It is the ONLY place where industry leaders will share how they would personally turn your gym into a money­making machine in just 24 weeks.

Here’s how it will work on the day...

First of all, this workshop will be small... very small... so there will be lots of interaction as these experts carefully explain what’s working now, and what’s not...

Second, they will not only tell you what’s working, they will show you how to apply this knowledge and build systems that can make YOU the most money this year...

And finally they will help you to create a simple blueprint to implement these systems, so you can see astonishing, life­ changing results quicker than ever before...

It really is that simple.

Just turn up on the day... listen to what they say... and use it.


And although it sounds almost too good to be true... the results speak for themselves.

Gym owners are already using these strategies to add up to $300,000+ to their business that they never would have seen otherwise.

Now they can help you too!

Get your MELBOURNE ticket here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49
Get your Sydney tickets here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49

Let me tell you who these speakers are and what they have achieved...

Meet The Speakers

Fitness Expert #1 – Steve Grant

Steve Grant is one of the leading fitness entrepreneurs in Australia and founder of Gym Hub.

He owned an extremely profitable Sydney gym for 8 years and he has consistently earned more than $300,000 a year while working just 12 hours a week.

He has mentored many others to grow their gyms too!

At the TITANS OF THE FITNESS INDUSTRY workshop, Steve is going to share systems that will give you more hours in the day, reduce stress and increase your profits almost automatically in the next 6 months.

Fitness Expert #2 –  David Wescon

David started in the industry in 2005 and now owns Vision PT in Brighton, with a team of 10 Personal Trainers and over $1million in annual PT turnover. Dave is a Master Practitioner in NLP and an expert in creating high performance teams.

Fitness Expert #3 ­ John Rahme

John-Paul Rahme has 10 years experience in the fitness industry, including that of a franchisee, managing 14 full time staff, which he sold in 2015.

He is currently the Managing Director of Embody Neutral Bay, a boutique wellness studio. 

Embody strives to provide members with exceptional customer service and to create a new standard for trainers in the industry.

Fitness Expert #4 ­Wendy Laurence

Wendy Laurence has successfully owned and operated two Vision Personal Training Studios concurrently for 6 years. The two studios were run under management and achieved a combined weekly average of 900 personal training sessions per week with 20 staff including three managers. This is Wendy’s 10th year operating her Vision St Ives studio. Wendy is passionate about growing young trainers into successful business owners with 2 of her managers opening their own studio and a third buying into the network. A love for the business combined with a passion for travel has allowed a long term career in the fitness industry.


Yes! It’s All Done For You At
The Titans of Fitness Industry Workshop

TITANS OF FITNESS is about money ... and helping you to make more faster, easier and with less effort than you ever have before.

The entire event, the content and its guest speakers cater to Experienced Gym Owners, NOT personal trainers or people who work for themselves.

So we skip the basics and get straight into the important challenges you face and provide ‘real life’ solutions you can take away and implement in your own business

You will walk away holding a simple, ‘couldn’t mess it up if you wanted to’ blueprint that anyone... ANYONE... can follow to generate strong cashflow in the next 6 months.

Look at some of the groundbreaking strategies you will discover. This is why you MUST attend this event...

How to grow your gym in a saturated market. The secret that helped one gym grow to more than $998,946­ a ­year in a fiercely competitive area.

How to create multiples streams of income for your gym. This ‘hidden goldmine’ is waiting to be exploited by almost any established gym owner.

The 7 step bulletproof staffing model. Revealed by an award­ winning gym owner...

How to sell your gym for a jaw­ dropping profit. What to say to potential buyers... when to show them the gym... what to write on the listing...

How to use Facebook to get more clients in 2017. The game has changed. How the worlds leading gym brands are getting likes and turning them into clients right now...

How to attract clients who ignore advertising. Builds trust, helps build your brand, and boosts conversions too!

How to slash your business costs by as much as $8,476 a month. Sydney gym owner reveals the strategy that helped cut his overheads to rock­ bottom.

Get your MELBOURNE ticket here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49
Get your Sydney tickets here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49

So... What’s Your Investment
In This Life­ Changing Event?

Actually, it’s a lot less than you would expect...

The ‘at­ the ­door’ ticket price for this workshop is $199.

I would say that is WAY too low ­ considering the fact that these techniques could potentially put $300,000 a year extra in your back pocket.

But because the fitness industry has given these experts so much for the past two decades, they want to give something back.

They want to give every Australian gym owner the opportunity to achieve the same level of success they have enjoyed.

That’s why for a short time only, you can secure
EARLY­ BIRD tickets for the low investment of just $49...

A saving of $150... if you book on this page while it’s still available...

At that price, even if you just attend the workshop to network, connect and set up joint ventures with other ambitious gym owners, you will get a great return on your investment...

It’s incredibly good value... better than anything else you could spend a tax­ deductible $49 on...

But you must hurry because there are...

Only 60 Seats In The Room.... And They Are Filling FAST!

Yes, as you can see, the shortcut to the business, lifestyle and financial certainty you want is waiting at this unique workshop.

After all, where else could you spend focused time with the industry’s top experts... and fire your questions at them in such an open and exclusive forum?

But you must secure your ticket NOW!

The small­ group nature of this workshop means that numbers are strictly limited. There are ONLY 60 tickets.

This is a SET IN STONE upper limit.


There are 3600 registered fitnesses business in Australia alone, so tickets will disappear fast


Because it's only in Brisbane and Sydney and smart gym owners understand that ALL these experts may never get together in one room with such a small group again.

It truly is an amazing opportunity...

Even if you are on the fence, it makes sense to reserve your seat ASAP because you have nothing to lose thanks to...

Our ‘$10k On The Day’
100% Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I guarantee that The Titans of Fitness will be the single most valuable event you ever attended.

In fact, you must walk away with at least $10,000 worth of strategies you can almost instantly use in your gym.

You must discover powerful systems that can cut your working time by 5... 10... 30 hours a week...

You must know the exact steps you need to take to cut costs, beat off competition, and skyrocket your success...

Or, you can simply contact me for a full and complete refund of the ticket value the day after the event, no questions asked, no hard feelings either....

And since I know many of the top experts in the industry, I’ll even sit down and help you figure out who CAN help you...

...so no matter what happens, you are in a better position than you were before the workshop.

You have everything to gain...

Experienced And Ambitious Gym Owners ONLY!

This amazing workshop can put an extra $300,000 in your bank account in the next 6 months.

But it is NOT for everyone. You should ONLY attend this event:...

● If you want digital marketing strategies and ‘trust-based’ sales techniques from the leading gym owners ... rather than a ‘so called Gurus’ who have not owned a gym for 20 years.

● If you are willing to invest at least 3 hours a week building these systems. There is no such thing as money for nothing...

● If you are an action taker. These techniques will ONLY generate cashflow when you apply them...

● If you want a simple and proven system to grow your fitness business faster than 95% of your competitors...

Get your MELBOURNE ticket here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49
Get your Sydney tickets here(Normally $199) Early Bird Tickets $49

Today Is the Day, you flip the switch and become
a fitness entrepreneur..

Option #1

You can do nothing.

You can continue working crazy hours... losing sleep... never having time or cash to really enjoy a fun lifestyle ...

You can look back this time next year with regret and frustration that you missed the opportunity ...

... the holiday you never took or the Fridays off surfing or hanging out with a mate.

Option #2

You can grab the chance with both hands.

You can get firsthand information from Australia’s most successful fitness entrepreneurs to go from where you are now to professional... systematised… scalable and extremely success.

You can start building a life that lets you travel for 3 months a year... take 4 weeks in a row off if you want... never work in evenings or weekends...

Success is doing what you want,
with who you want, when you want

Secure your ticket to the TITANS OF THE FITNESS workshop now to quickly and radically change your life forever...

The clock is ticking... seats are vanishing fast... you risk nothing by attending...

The next step is up to you.


Mark Haylock - Owner, Peak24 Fitness, South Australia

I’ve had a 200% increase in our small group training, a 50% increase in PT revenue and a 40% improvement in retention in less than 6months

Mark Haylock - Owner, Peak24 Fitness, South Australia
Mark Capelin - Tribe Social Fitness

The Gym Hub Program is something this industry has always lacked. Gym owners ONLY and application ONLY,  means that you network and share ideas with a very high calibre group & it pushes you to think bigger & achieve more.  Steve’s own business success combined with his lecturing background make gym hub the best.

Mark Capelin - Tribe Social Fitness
Ben Lucas - Director, Flow Athletic

I save time using the marketing and recruitment templates and I save money using the group buying discount, so joining Gym Hub was a easy decision. I also think the latest digital marketing techniques and getting different perspectives from other gym owners is really valuable.

Ben Lucas - Director, Flow Athletic
Tina Castle - Miss Temple Fitness

Steve has quickly become an imperative part of our business planning. His knowledge, support, ideas, experience is 2nd to none. Particularly in relation to marketing implementation and strategies. Steve offers an amazing Virtual assistant for graphic design and social media which we use every month to leverage our time across the 5 gyms.

Tina Castle - Miss Temple Fitness
Matt Grant - Director, MG Fitness

This winter my business tripled in size. I have a complete new outlook on sales and marketing and couldn’t recommend Gym Hub enough to anyone inspired to open a gym or grow a BIG fitness business. Gym Hub has a great track record with mentees, but it’s Steve’s generous and caring attitude I appreciate the most. The online Swipe Files, the Virtual Assistants + the quarterly Workshops with other gym owners, allows me to constantly smash previous barriers and financial goals

Matt Grant - Director, MG Fitness
Nick Conroy – Vision Personal Training Willoughby

A great way to meet like minded people and share info and tips to grow your business. Steve is a fantastic coach and mentor who provides a comprehensive platform for growth through his wealth of industry experience and contacts.

Nick Conroy – Vision Personal Training Willoughby
Andrew Roberts – Author and Business Mentor

Steve is a very passionate speaker and EXTREMELY educated. Any gym owner that takes part in his program will see amazing benefits. Unlike so many other teachers in this space - Steve HAS DONE it (ie he has built and sold a really successful gym). AND - he has a lot of the top gym owners in the world helping you. I know that he can really quickly help you increase your profits -and also get your time back. I know you will get so much from Gym Hub and I recommend it

Andrew Roberts – Author and Business Mentor
Betsy Kirk - Team Elwood Fitness

I own a PT business with 8 staff and we recently had Steve in to deliver a workshop to our team. Steve called me before the workshop to discuss where our team was at and what we felt was missing. With this info he gave us the perfect 'pump up'. He had just the perfect mix of practical tools, between-the-eyes motivation and fun. The reason I invited Steve to present to us was to get my team more motivated about what they could achieve in their own lives and careers and he did just that. We all enjoyed his material and the team continue to remember and put into action what they learned that day. Thanks SG!

Betsy Kirk - Team Elwood Fitness
James Lockyer - Virgin Active Frenchs Forest

We had Steve work with our team of 20+ PTs for the 2nd time this year.
The thing I like the most about Steve's training is he makes it relatable to the trainers,not barking orders from a high horse or preaching from behind a lectern. Steve took the time to research our product and services so he could make the time with the team as valuable as possible.
Steve covered topics like: leverage, profit, retention and prospecting strategies.
The team found the time with Steve to be really useful and have made personal goals to put it into practice!

James Lockyer - Virgin Active Frenchs Forest

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